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Selecting the right size, right type of can liner

May 9, 2023

Trash can liners is another one of those hotel essentials you never want to run low on. And it’s not a one-size-fits-all assignment. Size matters, and so does liner type. Let’s take a careful closer look because we all know haste makes waste.

Start with size. Certainly, not every trash receptacle across your property is the same. It only follows that a large outdoor receptacle requires a different liner than, say, a wastebasket in the bathroom of your front lobby. For obvious reasons, liners that fit right are both cost-effective and eco-friendly. We make it easy to select the right size for every can.

Choose by density. We also help you determine which receptacles require high density liners versus low density options. High density can liners are designed for paper and non-sharp objects under moderate transit conditions. They provide excellent resistance to punctures and moderate resistance to tearing. Low density liners are better for sharper objects as they provide excellent resistance for both punctures and tearing.

Go green or highly protective. We also offer can liners that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. These BioStar liners can meet the ASTM D6400 standards for compostable plastics. Using these can liners help reduce landfill waste and pollution and help conserve water. On the expressly safe side, our Biohazard infectious waste bags are made of thick polyethylene to be especially resistant to punctures, tearing, and leaking. Their high-performance star seal bottom also provides increased security during handling.

The next time you’re stocking up on can liners, be sure you select the right size and the right type for all your property’s receptacles.

Embracing the impact of more green moves

October 3, 2019
living green

You’ve likely seen the headlines. Last month Marriott International announced that it’s moving away from single-use bath amenities in its hotel properties around the world. Since these plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel often end up in landfills, Marriott instead will equip its guest baths with larger, pump-topped bottles – also known as bulk dispensers.

It’s big news in our industry for a couple of reasons: First, according to the company’s August 28 announcement, this environmental stance is expected to prevent about 500 million tiny bottles annually from going to landfills. That’s about 1.7 million pounds of plastic, a 30 percent annual reduction from the iconic brand’s current amenity plastic usage. Secondly, Marriott’s not the only hospitality leader to launch bold sustainability plans.

Building on environmental momentum

In fact, IHG® (InterContinental Hotels Group) made a similar pledge earlier this summer. IHG will switch to bulk-size bathroom amenities in all of its properties by the end of 2021. And earlier in the summer, the Radisson Hotel Group™ introduced a series of environmentally and socially responsible initiatives at its beachfront resorts in Asia.

Radisson’s steps included replacing plastic straws as well as plastic bottles. Marriott began phasing out disposable plastic straws and stirrers in its properties last year, and IHG promises to remove plastic straws from its hotels by the end of 2019. Hilton has also made paper straws a brand standard in its properties.

“As a product supplier to Marriott, IHG and Hilton, we absolutely support and celebrate these major initiatives,” said Deidre Schwartz, Director of Design & Sustainability at American Hotel. “But we also view their announcements as a call to action to the industry as a whole. For us, that means strengthening our ability to identify and offer more environmentally responsible products to help our customers be true stewards of sustainability.”

A rallying cry for sustainable practices

To that end, our Living Green collection of eco-friendly products has grown to more than 4,600 items in a variety of categories. This includes bulk amenity dispensers. As a product manager at American Hotel, Katie Schultz works closely with hotel customers who happen to share IHG and Marriott’s renewed focus on bath amenities.

“Yes, we are seeing more interest in our bulk dispensers, but we have also helped customers choose amenities that are made of natural ingredients, are paraben free, and use recyclable packaging,” said Schultz. “By partnering with our suppliers as well as customers, we are offering more alternatives every year that support new sustainability goals.”

As a hospitality source with more than 150 years of industry expertise, American Hotel has always guided its hotel customers through the challenges and opportunities of change. Being a partner in support of environmental change is no different.

“There is no question the way all of us operate is changing forever,” said Schwartz. “And there is no question we, as a hospitality supplier, are positioned to make a dramatic difference for our customers and for our communities. This is a call to action we embrace, because it’s our collective responsibility to make sure future generations are afforded the same opportunities we have.”

3 small ways your property can make a big environmental impact

July 31, 2019

Sustainability has become a priority for hotels in recent years – not only because of its importance, but also because travelers are demanding it. According to the 2019 Sustainable Travel Report, almost two thirds of U.S. travelers intend to stay at least once in an eco-friendly or green accommodation when looking at the year ahead.

Yet becoming more eco-friendly can be a long, complicated and costly process, especially for larger hotel chains. However, there are some easy changes properties can make to go green.

1. Replace plastic straws with paper ones

Many organizations are taking steps to remove plastic straws from their properties and replace them with paper ones. In fact, some cities and states across the country have started implementing their own plastic straw bans, which can impact the hotels that do business there. To make a change like this one more attainable, start slowly and set a long-term goal for their removal.

2. Encourage recycling

Recycling is a practice that has been around for a long time, yet not all properties have fully embraced it. Start by simply adding recycling receptacles to common areas, making it easy for guests to recycle. Also, encourage employees to be more eco-friendly by giving them a quick training on what can and can’t be recycled.

3. Use compostable can liners

Even if you succeed in setting up a recycling program at your property, it won’t mean as much if your can liners aren’t compostable. Consider investing in the Pitt Plastics BioStar compostable can liner, which is made with a Star Sealed compostable plastic that can help keep your facility eco-friendly and support your mission to protect the environment. The liners are made with 1.0 millimeter fiber content that prevents leaks and ensures durability, and are perforated with 150 bags per case to keep supplies well stocked. They come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, including:

While it may not be easy to completely overhaul your current practices and replace them with greener ones, by making these small changes, you’ll help the environment and also attract sustainable-minded guests.

Rest easy and save with eco-friendly linens

August 4, 2015

Every hotel’s director of housekeeping knows how important linens are to meeting guest expectations. Today, it’s also increasingly meaningful that properties demonstrate a sustainable approach to business. How do you manage this delicate two-step?

Well, the fashion-forward professionals at WestPoint Hospitality have delivered a solution with Martex® Ultra Touch microfiber linens. While touting an unrivaled softness that promises comfort every guest desires, WestPoint emphasizes the cost advantages that come with the environmentally responsible makeup of these sheets.

Take microfiber, for example. Did you know these microfiber sheets dry 30% faster than cotton, saving your property energy, labor and money? So, the Ultra Touch experience goes hand-in-hand with its advantages: superior wrinkle and stain resistance, minimal shrinkage and vibrant whiteness.

Here’s an added advantage. As a one-stop source for your linen needs, American Hotel invites you to save up to 10% on these remarkable linens through August 23. In fact, Ultra Touch microfiber linens are part of our eco-friendly Living Green collection.

Take action today, and promote your sustainability in the most comfortable way.

Green is the color of a promising future

April 28, 2015

With recent Earth Day festivities still fresh in your mind, you might be considering new ways of reducing your property’s environmental footprint. After all, going green isn’t just a passing fad.

The green revolution has taken hold in every corner of the professional world, from restaurants and hotels to manufacturing and urban planning. It’s here to stay and the movement is painting a bright future for our planet and for businesses.

If this is your first step toward cleaning up your eco-impact, however, getting started can be daunting. Here are some quick and easy-to-understand tips to get you started on the path toward a greener future:

  1. Place sign cards in guest rooms that encourage guests to reuse their towels. Reducing laundry usage, and therefore water and energy costs, is as easy as that.
  2. Cut energy costs by switching to Energy Star appliances. This is a win-win situation – not only will it help the planet, but it will help reduce your monthly bills as well.
  3. If you place them conveniently, they will come. We’re talking about recycling bins, of course! For a quick and easy green effort, place recycling bins alongside trashcans wherever they are located around your property.
  4. Consider implementing low-flow showers or dual-flush toilets. You’ll gain in several ways – updated modern bathroom fixtures and reduced water usage – all in one fell swoop. Imagine that.
  5. Go green with your lighting. Opting for energy efficient bulbs can save you a significant amount of hard-earned cash down the road. Plus, an eco-friendly bulb like LEDs tend to last longer, which means you save on replacement costs.

Being eco-responsible often means being more efficient and lowering your costs as well. Green is good, and it’s here to stay.

American Hotel & 1888 Mills®: Partners in environmental stewardship & sustainability

November 4, 2014

At American Hotel, we’re focused on helping our customers deliver their best guest experiences while preserving the world around us. We embrace our responsibility to make a positive impact on the people we serve, the products we bring to market and the planet we are privileged to share. We continually adopt practices to help protect the environment and cultivate relationships with suppliers who share our vision and sustainability goals, like 1888 Mills.

As a leading global manufacturer of home and commercial textiles catering to the retail, hospitality and healthcare markets worldwide, 1888 Mills also has deep roots in the heritage of U.S. textile manufacturing. The company continues to be the proud operator of the largest remaining towel mill in the United States.

Consistent with its brand purpose of “Weaving a Better World”, 1888 Mills is devoted to its stakeholders and the economic regions in which it operates. By executing initiatives promoting environmental stewardship and contributing to poverty reduction, the company is driving innovation in the global marketplace.

In fact, 1888 Mills has adopted a “triple bottom line” approach to measure its success – People, Planet, Prosperity – that dovetails with American Hotel’s sustainability objectives. With product lines that promote energy savings and eco-friendly packaging, the company has reduced its usage of PVC, polyethylene and other harmful chemicals by more than 50%.

1888 Mills offers its quality bed and bath linens and towels on and is a valued supplier partner in American Hotel’s Living Green program.

Contact us to learn more about our partnership with suppliers like 1888 Mills.

Find Earth Day inspiration: Strengthen your Living Green commitment

April 22, 2014

Find Earth Day inspiration: Strengthen your Living Green commitment

As a society, we continue to discover new ways to be more environmentally sound. Not just in our homes, but in our offices, businesses, and leisure activities as well. With an estimated 62% of travelers reporting that traveling green is important to them, the hospitality industry cannot afford to skimp on eco efforts – especially when a sustainable approach can help draw more guests and save money.

At American Hotel, our Living Green collection of environmentally sensitive products ranges from pillows and facial tissue to small appliances. Each product meets our Living Green criteria and reflects our support of strong environmental standards in hospitality. This makes it easier for customers to go green.

“Our Living Green program, now in existence for more than seven years, has continued to evolve,” says Deidre Schwartz, Director of Merchandising and leader of American Hotel’s Corporate Social Responsibility team. “We have strengthened the program with over 1,500 products, and will be growing to 3,000 products before year-end. We realize our customers want to see exactly what sustainable qualities exist in a product or supplier, and we are providing that transparency for their own decision-making purposes,” she explains. “We have identified over 25 certifications and another 20 plus attributes that qualify a product into our program. We are committed to making ‘going green’ easier and providing solutions to our customers that contribute toward their own sustainability goals.”

If you are turning over a new leaf in your hotel, we hope you explore our latest products.  As part of our effort to help you be greener and cleaner, we’ve also identified five innovative actions you can put into action today.

  1. Change Your Attitude
    Many view the effort of contributing to a better environment as an expensive and unnecessary adjustment. That’s simply not true. Sure, a little work goes in to it, but the reward doesn’t just come in the form of guest satisfaction. It also comes in the tangible monetary sense. Eco-efforts include cutting down on water and energy usage, which in turn means a lower bill for you. Plus, in many states companies that implement renewable resources and energy conservation qualify for a tax break. See, so it really is a big win for you and Mother Nature!
  2. Here’s a ‘Bright’ Idea
    Yes, pun intended. One of the simplest ways to start saving big on energy costs and boast eco-efforts is to switch your incandescent bulbs for high-efficiency fluorescent or LED light bulbs. They only use about a third of the energy. It’s true they do cost a bit more, but they also last 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  3. Easy Access Recycling
    You place trash bins in each hotel room to begin with, so this is as simple as simple gets. Just add another, except make it a recycling bin – and just like that you’re running a more eco-friendly venue.
  4. Recycled Products
    There is a world of eco-friendly or recycled products that can be swapped out throughout your venue. Nobody expects a complete overhaul, unless you’re aiming to become LEED certified, but a few swaps here and there could make a big difference. For instance, replacing traditional facial tissues with a facial tissue made with recycled paper. This could apply to essentially any paper or plastic product from napkins to room keycards.
  5. Clean Green
    Stock maid carts with eco-friendly cleaning products. Natural products clean just as efficiently as chemical-based ones and reduce the amount of toxins being released back into the environment. Plus, they tend to smell better – just one small bonus.

Congratulations! You’re on your way to a greener, more eco-friendly hotel. Hopefully you’ll soon be reaping the rewards of your efforts. We hope you will use the box below to share any green ideas that have worked for you.

Give your guests 100% with Enverde

October 4, 2013

Give your guests 100% with Enverde

Today, most hospitality businesses are looking to strengthen their sustainability practices. With the introduction of Enverde, a line of bath and facial tissue that’s 100% eco-friendly and 100% sourced in North America, your business can take another sustainable step forward.

Eco-smart practices and products can help hotels save money and attract new business. Consider that IBM doesn’t book a meeting or conference without first assessing a hotel’s green initiatives.1 With that, more travelers now recognize the symbols of independent certification bodies such as Green Seal and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Enverde reflects our commitment to developing and distributing products that meet the industry’s highest environmental standards. With three quality offerings — Essentials, Naturals, and Ultra — Enverde is part of our private Registry® brand portfolio of products and the latest addition to our Living Green collection of environmentally sensitive products.

Essentials and Naturals are manufactured with 100% recycled paper. Enverde Naturals bath and facial tissue (flat box) have received Green Seal certification. Enverde Ultra is manufactured with 100% virgin fiber and has received FSC certification. Packaging for this eco-friendly line also uses 100% recycled materials.

Smart products like Enverde can help you preserve natural resources, reduce operational costs and gain competitive advantages in the marketplace. To learn more about Enverde and place an order, visit

Live Green to Wake Up to A Better Tomorrow

May 30, 2013

go green hotel energy efficiency

We have already written about steps that the hospitality industry is taking to provide greener facilities: Green Lighting for the Hospitality Industry and more recently, Green at Heart: One Brand’s Commitment to the Environment. In this post, we will get more into the details and find out why this is such an appealing, important, and critical move to make.

Before embarking on a quest to renovate your hospitality facility into an environmentally responsible one, or develop an environmental management system, it is necessary to understand some of the motivators in embracing the environment.

Providing a green hospitality facility not only saves you money, it helps preserve the environment and attract more visitors. Additionally, the EPA lists the following benefits of going green: hospitality facilities can reduce costs, achieve environmental results, gain recognition, win new business, and be more attractive to employees.

Although the majority of hotels built today take advantage of conventional design and operation methods common to North America, many of those hospitality facilities are beginning to take advantage of environmental trends in the industry as well.

Unfortunately, many environmental endeavors often do not extend beyond this gesture and only a small number of hospitality facilities have been specifically designed to be environmentally efficient.

Currently, any visit to most hotel rooms will turn up a notice asking the guest to reduce laundry pollutants by identifying the towels used each day, or reduce overall use of certain products that do not necessarily need to be changed daily (if you need these helpful items, just visit our site). But for many hotels, this is usually the extent of their efforts.

It should be acknowledged that hotel guests are usually happy to assist hotels in their green efforts. In fact, guests find this to be incredibly appealing in influencing where they choose to stay. This recent study cites three categories that matter most to consumers: water, energy, and waste reduction.

By taking measures to cut down on all three, you’re not only saving money and helping the environment, you’re attracting more customers. What steps can you take? Consider the following ideas:

  • Use Energy Star appliances
  • Use filtered water
  • Provide recycling bins for employees and guests
  • Provide toilets that are dual-flush
  • Consider showers that are low-flow
  • Provide shampoo and conditioner in bulk dispensers
  • Clean your pool with saline salt solution instead of eye-burning chlorine
  • Install green lighting throughout the facility
  • Encourage guests to turn out the lights when they leave their room
  • Turn off air conditioning units when not in use, and be sure to turn them on so the room is comfortable before guests arrive
  • Encourage guests to reuse towels

You don’t have to go all in when just starting out, but small steps will have a big impact. What are you doing to go green?

Green at Heart: One Brand’s Commitment To The Environment

April 24, 2013

sunbeam green

For the Sunbeam® Hospitality team, being sustainable, smart and responsible doesn’t mean giving up any of the comforts we’ve come to know and love while traveling – just being sensible about how we use them.

Anyone want to admit to skipping showers to conserve water?

Don’t look at us – and we don’t recommend you do it, either.

In fact, it’s not even necessary, thanks to the greensense™ line of eco-friendly in-room amenities from the Sunbeam® Hospitality brand.

Launched in 2009, the greensense™ product portfolio has been a guiding light (the low-wattage kind) for the hospitality industry, leading the way with products such as LED dimmable
night-lights and flow-rate-regulating showerheads, potentially saving millions of gallons of water and thousands of hours of energy usage along the way.

Jennifer Hansard, Group Marketing Manager for Sunbeam® Hospitality, loves talking up the line wherever she goes: “I’m constantly amazed at how changing little things – like changing a faucet aerator, for instance – makes an enormous impact on our use of natural resources.”

Hansard isn’t the only one enamored with the lineup. Hotel managers that took part in the test launch had good things to say about the products – and the savings they were able to achieve from usage. Plus, their guests now had yet another reason to love staying at those particular hotel chains.

“It would be great if all hotels thought like this,” wrote one guest. “Going ‘green’ just makes so much sense on so many levels, from environmental stewardship to the financial savings that hotels can pass along to us as guests.” In fact, an average 150-room hotel can save up to $26,000* annually – in water and energy savings – just by converting to the current ensemble of greensense™ products.

As we all continue to share the responsibility of conservation, it’s nice to know that, thanks to brands like Sunbeam® Hospitality, we won’t have to give up any of the conveniences we’ve grown accustomed to – especially the showering.

*Savings based on average energy and water use of a 150-room hotel with 67% occupancy converting to a greensense™  showerhead, aerator, iron, hair dryer and night-light.