Green is the color of a promising future

April 28, 2015

With recent Earth Day festivities still fresh in your mind, you might be considering new ways of reducing your property’s environmental footprint. After all, going green isn’t just a passing fad.

The green revolution has taken hold in every corner of the professional world, from restaurants and hotels to manufacturing and urban planning. It’s here to stay and the movement is painting a bright future for our planet and for businesses.

If this is your first step toward cleaning up your eco-impact, however, getting started can be daunting. Here are some quick and easy-to-understand tips to get you started on the path toward a greener future:

  1. Place sign cards in guest rooms that encourage guests to reuse their towels. Reducing laundry usage, and therefore water and energy costs, is as easy as that.
  2. Cut energy costs by switching to Energy Star appliances. This is a win-win situation – not only will it help the planet, but it will help reduce your monthly bills as well.
  3. If you place them conveniently, they will come. We’re talking about recycling bins, of course! For a quick and easy green effort, place recycling bins alongside trashcans wherever they are located around your property.
  4. Consider implementing low-flow showers or dual-flush toilets. You’ll gain in several ways – updated modern bathroom fixtures and reduced water usage – all in one fell swoop. Imagine that.
  5. Go green with your lighting. Opting for energy efficient bulbs can save you a significant amount of hard-earned cash down the road. Plus, an eco-friendly bulb like LEDs tend to last longer, which means you save on replacement costs.

Being eco-responsible often means being more efficient and lowering your costs as well. Green is good, and it’s here to stay.

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