Create the perfect sleep environment

March 13, 2014

Create the perfect sleep environment

Give your guests a good night’s sleep. Whether traveling or on an extended stay, everyone wants to sleep well. Here are some smart tips to help you create a great sleep environment.

  1. Quality vs. Quantity
    It’s a widely held misconception that, when it comes to sheets, thread count matters most. In some cases, a 600-thread count set of sheets may not be as good as 400 thread count sheets. What really matters is fabric. High quality Egyptian cotton with a lower thread count may be just as good, if not better, than high thread count in a lower-quality fabric. The fabrics to look for are Egyptian cotton or pima cotton – also referred to as Supima.
  2. Shut the Light Out
    It can be tough to promise a soundless sleep in a hotel given the nature of the business. People are up and down halls all the time, elevators are moving, ice machines churning out cubes. But, you can encourage sleep by outfitting your rooms with “black-out” curtains. The heavy material shuts out light, creating a dark, snuggly sleep den with a simple pull of the drapes.
  3. Consider Scent
    If you really want to go the extra mile to ensure your guests are getting sound restful sleep, invest in some sleepy scents. Lavender is often associated with relaxation and sleep, but best of all is jasmine. A study revealed that a whiff of the fragrant flower reduces anxiety and has a calming effect. If the thought of placing living flowers in each room regularly makes your wallet shudder with fear, try a jasmine scented air freshener or linen spray.
  4. Drown Out Sounds
    As we mentioned, it can be tough to guarantee a noise free stay, even if you place sleep troubled guests in optimal rooms. The simplest answer is a white noise machine. The devices can help drown outside noise and create a more soothing sleep environment for your guests. They come at a relatively inexpensive price. But, if you’re not up for equipping all rooms with one, try adding them as a service available upon request.

Well-rested guests are sure to be happier guests. Now that we’ve given you the tools to better sleep, it’s just a matter of which ones you’ll implement at your venue, and perhaps even in your own home. As mentioned, everybody wants to catch some quality Zs, not just travelers. Help them rest up and you will make a lasting impression.

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