Rest easy and save with eco-friendly linens

August 4, 2015

Every hotel’s director of housekeeping knows how important linens are to meeting guest expectations. Today, it’s also increasingly meaningful that properties demonstrate a sustainable approach to business. How do you manage this delicate two-step?

Well, the fashion-forward professionals at WestPoint Hospitality have delivered a solution with Martex® Ultra Touch microfiber linens. While touting an unrivaled softness that promises comfort every guest desires, WestPoint emphasizes the cost advantages that come with the environmentally responsible makeup of these sheets.

Take microfiber, for example. Did you know these microfiber sheets dry 30% faster than cotton, saving your property energy, labor and money? So, the Ultra Touch experience goes hand-in-hand with its advantages: superior wrinkle and stain resistance, minimal shrinkage and vibrant whiteness.

Here’s an added advantage. As a one-stop source for your linen needs, American Hotel invites you to save up to 10% on these remarkable linens through August 23. In fact, Ultra Touch microfiber linens are part of our eco-friendly Living Green collection.

Take action today, and promote your sustainability in the most comfortable way.

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