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Eco-smart bath tissue, priced right

August 8, 2023

No matter the size or type of your hotel property, you never want to run low on bath and facial tissue.

With our Enverde™ collection, we do more than help you stock up and stay ready. We support your eco-responsible practices and your dedication to creating the finest possible experience for your guests. Soft, sturdy, and 100% eco-responsible, Enverde offers a selection to meet your guest experience – and that includes back of the house tissue and towels.

Our Enverde Essentials option is a great value 2-ply bath tissue that’s 100% recycled, manufactured in North America, and Green Seal Certified.

Our Enverde Naturals Select is a touch softer 2-ply bath tissue that’s eco-smart, manufactured in North America, and Green Seal Certified. You can also find paper towels and large bath tissue rolls.

If you want to go ultra-soft, turn to our Enverde Ultra. It’s a 2-ply bath tissue made of virgin fiber, manufactured in North America, and FSC Certified.

Shop online today and stay ahead on one of your most important supplies.

Selecting the right size, right type of can liner

May 9, 2023

Trash can liners is another one of those hotel essentials you never want to run low on. And it’s not a one-size-fits-all assignment. Size matters, and so does liner type. Let’s take a careful closer look because we all know haste makes waste.

Start with size. Certainly, not every trash receptacle across your property is the same. It only follows that a large outdoor receptacle requires a different liner than, say, a wastebasket in the bathroom of your front lobby. For obvious reasons, liners that fit right are both cost-effective and eco-friendly. We make it easy to select the right size for every can.

Choose by density. We also help you determine which receptacles require high density liners versus low density options. High density can liners are designed for paper and non-sharp objects under moderate transit conditions. They provide excellent resistance to punctures and moderate resistance to tearing. Low density liners are better for sharper objects as they provide excellent resistance for both punctures and tearing.

Go green or highly protective. We also offer can liners that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. These BioStar liners can meet the ASTM D6400 standards for compostable plastics. Using these can liners help reduce landfill waste and pollution and help conserve water. On the expressly safe side, our Biohazard infectious waste bags are made of thick polyethylene to be especially resistant to punctures, tearing, and leaking. Their high-performance star seal bottom also provides increased security during handling.

The next time you’re stocking up on can liners, be sure you select the right size and the right type for all your property’s receptacles.

Time for pool towels? We’ve got you covered

March 23, 2023

You know your outdoor pool areas will soon be crowded with sunny guests. Whether they’re lounging on a stylish recliner or drying off after a morning swim, be sure their experience is complemented by a quality pool towel. To help you stock up and stay ready, we offer competitive prices on our most popular collections.

Comfort and Care

Our own Registry® Pool Towel collection aims to delight guests and deliver value. Its unique production process is designed to prevent fading and keep colors vibrant. Supported by 100% Ring Spun cotton, these Registry options blend softness and absorbency and are ready to ship, for less.

Design and Durability

FibertoneTM Towels from 1888 Mills are known for their design and durability. In fact, while it may be tempting to stay away from colored or designed towels because of their tendency to fade, Fibertone towels are made with a patented color technology producing stable colors that don’t fade or bleed. Their color holds up to harsh chemicals and sunlight, making them the ideal poolside companion.

Style and Substance

We also offer soft, durable Martex® pool towels from WestPoint® Hospitality. Made of 100% cotton, each WestPoint towel is crisp and clean – and two options feature a nautical blue stripe that adds a touch of style. Plus, your staff can launder frequently without worrying about wear and tear.

Be sure your guests can wrap up in cozy warmth after a long day in the sun. With competitive prices and a colorful assortment, now’s the time to get your order in.

Check in on hotel-quality hangers

January 18, 2023

As you know, hangers are a big deal to hotel guests. They expect the guest room to be equipped with enough to suit their needs – with hanger types that can handle not just dress shirts but pants, dresses, skirts, and sport coats. It’s also nice when hotel hangers match a property’s theme or décor. Of course, when there are preferences, there are also budgets. To help sort out any hang-ups, let’s take a quick, closer look at today’s hotel-quality hangers.

Know the hooks

It’s important to remember Open Hook hangers are the most common. They fit on almost any closet hanger rod and can be removed and returned easily. For those same reasons, however, they are often stolen from properties. Small Hook hangers are very similar to standard open hook, except they can only be used with special narrow hanger rods, 5⁄8″ in diameter (standard hanger bar diameters usually run 1″ to 11⁄2″ in diameter). Ball Top hangers are designed specifically to prevent theft while still offering guests the convenience of removing hangers from the closet. They can only be used with a special ball top receptacle or special slotted wall racks.

Understand the shapes

Contoured Hangers were originally designed for finer garments such as dress suits. The curved design allows the shoulder area of garments to hang more naturally. The contour hanger has a better design for clothing. Conclave Hangers provide similar benefits as the contoured hanger but feature two straight “arms” joined at an angle, which allow clothes to hang naturally. Straight Hangers feature a straight design that makes them easier to manufacture – bringing down the cost of the hanger. Though more economical, the straight hanger does not allow garments to hang as naturally.

Assess the thickness

We offer a smart assortment of hangers through our own Registry brand. This includes options of various thickness. Strength is one of the more obvious benefits of a thicker hanger. The thicker the hanger, the less likely it is to bow or warp. Wood hangers are made of two separate pieces of wood joined in the middle.

However, a thicker hanger does not always mean a better one. The tensile strength of the hook and how it is anchored determines the overall strength of the hanger. The material a hanger is made of will also determine its strength. A 3⁄16″-thick steel rod hanger is much more durable than a 3⁄8″-thick wood hanger. Support in the garment shoulder area is another benefit of a thicker hanger. Thin hangers tend to form shoulder creases if a garment is left on the hanger for a while. Thicker hangers provide a wider surface area in the shoulders and often are rounded, reducing the possibility of creases.

Consider the user

We distinguish between men’s hangers and women’s hangers solely for the purpose of identifying which hanger has a wooden pants bar (“men’s” hanger) and which hanger has a metal skirt/pants bar and clips (“women’s” hanger).

Men’s hangers have a wooden pants bar that is either nailed directly to the hanger (as in our economy hangers) or is supported by a metal clamping bar (as usually found in our higher-end hangers). The metal clamping bar keeps pants from slipping off the bar and onto the floor. Women’s hangers, with a metal skirt/pants bar and clips, are designed for garments that hang better clipped than folded on a pants bar (skirts, some slacks, etc.).

We hope this hotel hanger review helps you keep every closet and coat check guest ready. Remember, you can always reach out to us at or by calling 1-800-323-5686.

More hotels moving to bulk amenities

October 20, 2022

The pre-Covid trend that saw hotels begin moving to bulk bath amenities over small, single-use options is picking back up. More guests expect to see sustainability practices in action and, like bath towel reuse policies, transitioning to bulk is a visible, cost-effective way to make a difference.

The chief impetus, of course, is reducing the use of plastic, which means less plastic in our landfills and beyond. According to some environmental advocates, nearly 33 million pounds of plastic waste wash into the world’s oceans each year, threatening marine life. In’s Sustainable Travel Report 2022, 81% of global travelers said that traveling sustainably is important to them.

Some major hotel brands began replacing single-use toiletries with refillable dispensers in 2018. And, as expected, many celebrated amenity brands responded with bulk-sized collections of hand wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion – all accessible to guests in refillable bulk amenity pump dispensers.

This trend has regained its momentum with the easing of pandemic impacts. There is also renewed attention on the civic front. California and New York are the first states to set bulk compliance deadlines. Elements of California’s new requirements begin in 2023 and are supported by leadership of the California Hotel & Lodging Association. In 2024, hotels in New York will have to move to environmentally friendly dispensers. New York’s measure also garnered industry support, which suggests other states are likely to follow suit.

Through our bulk amenities brochure and brand knowledge, we can help you make the best choice for your property.

Are you considering a move to bulk for your property?

As a leading hospitality supplier, we’ve supported the growing interest in this effort. We’ve continued to add to our bulk amenity inventory and, more recently, we’ve created a special homepage for our bulk amenity collections and corresponding dispensers. This convenient web page also includes a digital bulk amenity brochure, which serves as a helpful guide to determining the right amenity choice for your distinct guest experience.

While mini shampoos, conditioners, and lotions have been a staple of the hotel experience for decades, today’s guests are embracing positive change. Offering bulk amenities in your bath is one way to demonstrate solidarity around improved sustainability. Get started today by exploring our collections and connecting with our amenity experts. We’re ready to help you make the move to bulk.

3 ways to bring autumn inside your hotel

October 14, 2021

Fall is already here! Halloween is fast approaching. Is your property dressed for the season? We have three quick ideas that just might help – just in time.

  1. First, think foliage. From brilliant-colored flowers to neutral and natural ornamental grasses, create displays that bring your indoor settings to life. Go fresh, dried, or design a bold blend. While you’re at it, get clever with cool vases and cinnamon-spiced candles. 
  2. Of course, gourds and pumpkins are easy and essential accents this time of year. But think outside the basic. Perhaps you personalize them with distinct carvings, draw-on designs, or stylish spray paint.  
  3. If you’re considering some family-friendly Halloween hijinks, it’s not too late to organize trick-or-treat stations on your property. You might choose to host a spooky movie night or even a themed costume contest. But you better act fast.

Autumn is a great time to add seasonal spice and freshen up all over. Be sure to check out our Smart Buys for Fall page as you prep for your next round of guests.

Discover a better way to sanitize

March 25, 2019

It’s true. In just 20 minutes, the number of microbes on a surface can double. That’s why it’s important to have a coordinated and consistent plan of attack.

Traditional sanitization and disinfection products may clean and/or disinfect, but they don’t necessarily keep working after initial contact. This leaves surfaces vulnerable to re-contamination in a matter of seconds after the application is applied.

Well, P&G Professional has taken action to deliver a powerful solution. By partnering with Microban®– the global leader in antimicrobial, odor control, and surface modification technologies – P&G has introduced three new sanitization/disinfection products to address the re-contamination of surfaces.

P&G Professional believes that investing in a cleaning and sanitization program is a pillar of delivering a great guest experience. It partners with professionals who aim to make every experience count.

Microban 24-hour sanitizers deliver new benefits that include:

  • After the product is initially sprayed, has needed contact time, and is wiped away, a residual semi-permanent polymer is left behind to protect the surface from 99.9% of organisms.
  • Microban technology works long beyond the initial contact – it protects the surface from organism growth for up to 24 hours.  In fact, it is the ONLY professional use product that can make this claim.

What makes Microban apart from traditional disinfectants?

Microban 24 provides continuous antibacterial sanitizing for up to 24 hours. It is the ONLY product for professional use that makes this claim!

Available now

The new Microban® ready-to-use lineup consists of three items to clean, disinfect/sanitize, and deodorize:

All three products have a light citrus scent and sanitize in as little as 10 seconds, killing 99.9% of organisms and keeping surfaces sanitized between cleanings for up to 24 hours.

With Microban, you have the ability to clean, disinfect, and protect against key organisms. Please click here for more information on task areas and usage.

Sustainability Beyond Manufacturing Martex®

March 11, 2019

Green Bedding & Towels from WestPoint Hospitality™

As part of American Hotel’s commitment to helping you meet your business sustainability goals, we offer a broad selection of environmentally sensitive Living Green products from a host of distinguished suppliers, like WestPoint Hospitality and its premier Martex brand.

Martex Green products are engineered to perform to the highest standards and boast an extended lifecycle without compromising the quality of the guest experience. WestPoint Hospitality utilizes earth-friendly fibers and certified sustainable processing techniques to create these products, which require less water, energy, and less chemical production and maintenance.

All Martex Green fabrics feature DryFast® technology, a proprietary process that makes an incredible performance impact on any cotton or cotton-blended fabric. It reduces drying time and increases stain resistance which ultimately reduces the carbon footprint. In addition, the fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified for textile purity and safety.

Martex Green Bedding

This eco-friendly collection is made of certified organic cotton and blended with recycled polyester. Flat and fitted sheets are equipped with TrueFit colored hem threads for easy size identification. Duvets, pillow shams, mattress pads, blankets, bedskirts, and pillows are also available. Shop Martex Green bedding now.

Martex Green Towels

These responsibly manufactured, cloud-soft towels feature single-ply, ring-spun organic cotton loops for superior absorbency, and  the 75% organic cotton/25% recycled polyester under-weave enhances the towels’ durability. Martex Green Towels are Fresh & Ready™ – cured in hot water and ready to use from the package without initial laundering, which reduces money and energy costs. Shop Martex Green towels now.

Shop all Martex Green products now and save thru March 24.

Embrace the cleaning power of cordless

February 18, 2019

With increasing competition, rising labor costs and pressure on capital expenditures, hotels are expected to provide a better guest experience with the same or fewer resources. And, as expectations rise, guests are looking toward the experience of others to help inform their choice of where to stay – in fact, 77.9% of consumers think online reviews are extremely or very important for deciding where to stay.1

On a more granular level, a recent survey of hotel decision makers revealed cleanliness was rated higher than any other factor likely to influence guest experience. 2 One way to meet your guests’ expectations of cleanliness, despite all of the labor and cost pressures, is by increasing the productivity of your core cleaning tasks – starting with vacuuming.

Cut the cord and clean 5x faster

Your team can clean up to five times faster with the Hoover Commercial HUSHTONE™ Cordless Upright.3 Unlike traditional corded uprights, the HUSHTONE™ Cordless Upright powered by M-PWR™ 40V technology helps increase productivity while minimizing risk of exposed cords, which is especially important considering falls, slips, and trips accounted for 32% of non-fatal workplace injuries involving days away from work in hotels.4

When you consider that 57% of hotel executives surveyed noticed a decrease in bookings after a negative online guest review,2 it’s vital that every property put its best face forward. With its cordless collection, Hoover offers you a solution designed to discreetly enhance the way you clean – and, in turn, improve the way your property presents to others.

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  3. *In a Class A office building compared to a corded upright vacuum based on ISSA’s 612 Cleaning Times & Tasks (2014), according to a time and motion study conducted by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences, available at
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Introducing Sanitaire’s EON ALLERGEN Upright Vacuum

November 2, 2018

Meet the first commercial vacuum certified asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), asthma affects more than 24 million people in the U.S., including more than 6 million children. In fact, allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S., and more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. Common allergens include dust mites, pollen, pets/pet dander, mold and smoke.

A higher standard

Keeping these numbers in mind, smart hotel owners must do everything they can to minimize exposure to allergens and keep sensitive guests safe. Sanitaire’s certified asthma & allergy friendly EON ALLERGEN Upright Vacuum can help. Such a certification standard is targeted to vacuum cleaners that are scientifically proven to reduce exposure to asthma and allergy triggers. The certification standard utilizes an algorithm of proprietary and recognized scientific techniques to assess vacuum cleaners for their ability to reduce allergenic and irritant materials. To receive the certification, products must pass rigorous lab tests proving they help reduce exposure to allergens and irritants.

Peace of mind for you and your guests

By attaining this certification, Sanitaire offers a smart choice for your property, with the same low cost of ownership as the EON QuietClean®. Not only is the EON ALLERGEN AAFA certified with a sealed HEPA system, it also delivers an exceptional clean like the EON QuietClean. Both have earned the CRI Gold Seal of Approval, the highest level of certification, and they are LEED qualified at just 68 dBA for 24/7 do not disturb performance.

Create a healthier environment with the Sanitaire EON™ ALLERGEN Upright Vacuum.