Mattress protection for guests, brand protection for you

May 31, 2016

7389CRS-BSECKWant to stop bed bugs, stains and spills in their tracks? Turn to CleanRest Pro mattress encasements.

CleanRest Pro encasements are the last encasements you’ll buy for the mattress you’re protecting. These specialized products, designed using patented technology, offer spoilage and bed bug protection with a 100% waterproof sleep surface. CleanRest Pro encasements promote healthy sleep by blocking allergens and irritants, and they enhance your guests’ quality of sleep with their soft, quiet, breathable material. Plus, they come with an unparalleled 10-year full product warranty and exclusive access to their ROI property analysis calculator.

No other product on the market provides the same level of defense against bed bugs, stains and wetness.

Designed with the hotel owner in mind, CleanRest Pro encasements are engineered to last the 10-year life of the mattress, not the 12-month life cycle of the bed bug. Thanks to their stretchy sidewall and bottom fabric, they can be installed and reinstalled easily, and commercially laundered repeatedly, making them the only preemptive encasement solution.

By encasing your property before the onset of an inevitable bed bug occurrence, you’re insuring the life of one of your most costly assets, your mattress. The bed bug proof technology of CleanRest Pro denies access to the mattress, causing bed bugs to move further away from your sleeping guests and allowing you the chance to find them before your patrons do.

CleanRest Pro mattress encasements protect against bed bugs, spoilage, and the fallout from negative social media reviews. Protect your investment as well as your reputation with CleanRest Pro.

Here’s an added advantage. As a one-stop shopping source for your bedding needs, American Hotel invites you to try a free sample of this superior mattress protection. Call us today at 1-800-323-5686 to order your free sample.

Triple Sheet Your Beds in 6 Easy Steps

May 20, 2016

Triple sheeting is a luxurious, cost-effective and efficient bedding solution. It guarantees a clean, crisp bed that is easily managed by the housekeeping staff, ultimately saving considerable time and money.

Sheeting components can be laundered after each guest visit to ensure a sanitary environment.

Bedspreads can cost $100-$250 per piece, and up to $25 per piece in off-site laundering. By replacing a bedspread with one additional sheet, the Triple Sheeting technique can significantly reduce overall operational costs.

Duvet covers cause housekeeping to spend three times longer to make the bed. Triple Sheeting is an easy step-by-step process that can greatly increase housekeeping efficiency.

ITEMS NEEDED: flat or fitted sheet to cover mattress, basic flat sheet, lightweight blanket and decorative top sheet

Option 1: Lay a flat sheet on the mattress and tuck all the way around the bed. Option 2: Use a fitted sheet to cover the mattress.

Place the top hem of flat sheet so it is even with the top of the mattress. The sheet should be even on all sides and smooth.

Place a lightweight blanket on top of the middle sheet starting about six inches below the top of the mattress.

Place remaining flat sheet on top of the blanket. The top hem should be even with the top of the mattress.

Fold 1: Take the top of both flat sheets and fold down together about six inches (blanket should not be included in this fold). Fold 2: Then fold down the two flat sheets and the blanket another six inches. The sheets should now be folded twice and the blanket folded once.

Tuck in both flat sheets along with the blanket beneath the foot of the mattress. The hanging fabric at the sides of the foot will have made a short U-shape. Turn back the U-shape along the length of the bed then pull towards the headboard, parallel to the mattress. Tuck the hanging corners of the sheet and blanket together under the mattress.

HYGEN™-ic is more becoming to your staff and guests

May 20, 2016

The Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Disposable Microfiber System is the solution for optimizing infection prevention, ensuring environmental hygiene, and improving productivity. The innovative technology knits microfiber yarn into a nonwoven substrate, creating unique, disposable microfiber with microbe-removing scrubbing power.1027244#W_1_300x300

99.9% Microbe Removal, Including C. diff*

  • Proven 99.9% microbe removal claim
  • Helps stop the chain of infection
  • Eliminates food sources for live pathogens

Superior Cleaning Performance

  • Microfiber cleaning with built-in scrubbing power
  • Streak-free cleaning for mirrors, glass, and stainless steel
  • Effectively removes dirt without smearing

Versatile Cleaning

  • Compatible with bleach and quat**
  • Ideal for dusting and wet cleaning
  • Convenient charging system and compatible with existing tools

Microbe removal is a critical step in preventing infection. Removing dead microbes eliminates the food source for live pathogens.

*Based on third-party testing with water only. The product can be used with a wide array of cleaning solutions.
EPA EST. 90650-NC-001

**Compatible with quat (cloth); bleach-safe (cloth and mop)

Bedspread & Comforter TLC

May 20, 2016

While you no doubt follow strict laundering procedures for your sheets and pillowcases, what about other items like comforters and bedspreads? Most of these items are washable, but some may require special attention to ensure they are not damaged.

Here are some tips on the best way to clean these products…


Comforting care

The first step is to read the care instructions on the label. If specific instructions about hand-washing or washing temperature are listed, don’t deviate from them. If the instructions say “dry clean only”, don’t try washing the items in a machine as it may ruin them. If your comforters are washable, it’s best to wash them in a large-capacity front-loading machine. Comforters can hold a lot of water and may damage a standard top-loading washing machine. Paying a little more to wash your comforters is better than paying a lot more to replace your washer. When washing, use a gentle detergent, and avoid those with bleach as they can damage the comforter’s outer fabric and filling.

Make sure to dry comforters thoroughly. If they can be dried in a clothes dryer, use a lower heat setting, then run them through two drying cycles. Ideally, they should be taken out often to reposition them so they dry evenly and don’t develop hot spots that can scorch. Adding a few clean tennis balls to the dryer can help fluff them.


Special TLC for down bedding

While down products are often dry cleaned, the process can strip the natural protective oils from the down and many manufacturers caution against it. Small stains can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent.

If you decide to wash a down comforter, use soap made specifically for down products and wash it in a large front-loading washer. Don’t use bleach, bleach alternatives, or fabric softeners. Wash in cold water and rinse twice in cold water to remove all soap residue.

Drying down bedding products can be time consuming, but it is important that they are dried properly before storing to prevent mildew. For best results, use large front-loading commercial dryers set at medium heat. Do not hang dry or dry on a flat surface. Reposition the items often for even drying and use tennis balls to help with fluffing.


The End

Decorative comforters can last several years with proper care, but should be replaced when they become flat or begin to leak bits of the fill, or when the stitching comes loose. For comforters, the twisting and turning of a sleeper gradually degrades the fill and produces bare spots, typically in the “shoulder” area. When buying new comforters, make sure to look for double stitching or baffle box construction, which helps prevent leaking or bunching of the filling.

Curating, and the luxury experience

April 5, 2016

You have no doubt noticed that the term “curate” has carved its place in the lexicon of the luxury world. Considering all that curating can encompass today – from designing an entire property to organizing extravagant adventures – it’s no wonder the word has found a comfortable home in this growing market.

Taking a broad perspective, curating in luxury is the strategic and creative process of understanding your audience and fashioning a truly distinct and ever-evolving end-to-end experience. Grasping the three primary aspects of this far-reaching practice can help properties refine their own approach.

Distinguish your property from the outset

When you think about it, the act of curating actually begins with the guest. With vivid profiles of the finest hotels in the world just a click away, guests are able to pinpoint a property that suits their desires. Recognizing this reality, it’s important that luxury hotels continually assess the strength of their online presence.

Of course, guests can also enhance their experience well in advance of their travels. For this reason, most luxury hotels recognize the need to improve their online platform with offerings and opportunities that stretch well beyond their property. After all, luxury is about pampering guests and delivering on the unexpected.

Deliver an experience that tantalizes and transforms

Taking a lagniappe approach – delivering on that special something extra – is paramount to giving guests an extraordinary experience. For example, partner with a local cultural institution to provide an exclusive treat or prepare a unique adventure that celebrates the landscape. And, always, make sure your staff is ready to act on impulses and inspiration.

The truth is, luxury means different things to different people. A staff that embodies the personality of a property should have the dexterity to both recognize and smoothly adapt to diverse guest expectations.

Dress your property with products that impress

Indeed, the staff is instrumental in setting the tone and style of a luxury hotel. Yet, we know the foundation of an unforgettable luxury experience revolves around its architecture and décor – as well as the high-end hospitality products that define its care and comfort.

Plush Frette robes. Invigorating amenities from Christian Lacroix. Beautifully soft Sferra sheets. Rich but requisite items like these add extravagance and exhilaration to the fine details of a guest stay. It is these items that experientially speak to the guests a luxury property hopes to attract.

This aspect of luxury curating is what inspired American Hotel Register Company to launch The Gallery. By introducing an evolving collection of high-end items and world-class brands to the marketplace, The Gallery directly acknowledges and addresses the art of creating and sustaining a distinct luxury experience.

In fact, customers of The Gallery are matched with a personal Luxury Concierge with the skill and experience to shepherd their property through each important stage.

At its core, the art of curating is about understanding your guests and anticipating both their needs and desires. By being thoughtful and thorough, the finest hotels do more than live up to expectations; they continually expand the possibilities of luxury.

•  •  •

The Gallery by American Hotel is a curated collection of luxurious linens, bathrobes, bath amenities, guest room accessories, electronics and more. More than an elegant showcase, The Gallery offers luxury customers a personalized approach to product development, sourcing and selection. To learn more about The Gallery, visit or call 844.292.2510.

Take the plunge with pool towels that stay in service longer

March 30, 2016

If you work at or manage a property with a swimming pool, you know it’s important to plan ahead for high season and give your guests a simply swimming experience.

Beyond the “heavy lifting” of cleaning and maintenance, however, one of the extras guests most appreciate is the availability of nice, soft towels at poolside. If your property doesn’t currently provide them, consider doing so, if for no other reason than it’s a nice thing to do for your guests (of course, from a business standpoint, the use of pool towels can extend the life of your in-room towels as well). If your property already provides pool towels as an amenity, now is the time to take a look at your current inventory for fading and wear, and refresh your stock.

Whatever your situation, it pays to check out soft and ultra-durable Fibertone™ Pool Towels from 1888 Mills®. Fibertone towels are designed to last longer than the average pool towel and stay looking great year after year. The patented Fibertone color process produces vibrant color that will not fade in the sun, will not bleed or transfer onto other surfaces (including your expensive white linens), and is completely bleach-safe.

The Fibertone color process

The talented 1888 Mills craftsmen start with long-wearing polyester, which is solution dyed and extruded, then ring-spun with cotton fibers to produce a hearty blend of consistent color. The vibrant shades remain stable item after item, batch after batch, and year after year. The use of polyester also increases the towels’ durability, makes them virtually lint-free and allows faster drying when compared to all-cotton towels.

Weaving a Better World® with 1888 Mills

From humble beginnings, 1888 Mills has grown to be an industry leader in home and commercial textile manufacturing and a valued supplier partner to American Hotel Register Company. They strive to remember this country’s deep heritage of textile manufacturing while continuously searching for new ways to drive future innovation and global collaboration.

Dive into savings

To learn more about this innovative line or place an order, visit us online at

Order before April 17, 2016, and you’ll save 35% off Fibertone pool towels.

Global Hospitality Expo showcases products and innovation

February 17, 2016

You know the heartbeat of hospitality is customer service. Trends come and go, but repeat business is driven by the baseline of a hotel’s cleanliness, attention to detail and going above and beyond. Although authentic customer service remains de rigeur, innovation keeps the industry fresh – after all, an evolving industry is a profitable industry.

Expo-nential momentum

Reflecting this philosophy, American Hotel hosted its annual Global Hospitality Expo in late January. The one-of-a-kind industry event – branded with a “Seize the Momentum” theme – brought more than 900 leaders together to listen, learn, interact and discover.

The five-day event was once again capped with a festive awards dinner honoring the achievements of our suppliers and associates, but the big takeaways were found in its daily agenda of activities. Customers, suppliers and American Hotel associates explored innovative products, attended inspirational breakout and hot topics sessions and celebrated the launch of The Gallery, a curated luxury collection that strengthens American Hotel’s commitment to this growing market.

Momentum was at the center of the event’s topics and presentations. In fact, one hot topic speaker, Rohit Bhargava, outlined ways non-obvious momentum is curated rather than spotted. A Georgetown University marketing professor and bestselling author of Non-Obvious: How to Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict the Future, Rohit enthusiastically explained how anyone can identify trends and leverage where a market is heading.

“Everyday Stardom” is one trend useful in the hospitality industry. According to Rohit, the growth of personalization leads more hotel guests to higher expectations. They want to be part of an unforgettable experience where they are stars of the show. As he put it, everyone wants to be recognized, noticed and celebrated.

Simply irresistible

Another Expo speaker, bestselling author Jeremy Gutsche, promoted the ingredients of a great guest experience when he encouraged his audience to be irresistible in business.

An award-winning innovation expert and the CEO of Trend Hunter, a popular trends and innovation Web site, Gutsche’s keynote address also illuminated the ways trends occur and opportunities arise. For example, Facebook’s founding opened the door to a social media industry of Facebook cohorts and competitors. And, of course, social media and related technology have already begun to reshape the hospitality experience.

Looking beyond hotels, consider the way Disney has put technology to work with its MagicBand and MyMagic+ initiative. The waterproof wristband is a theme park ticket, mobile payment device and room key – the visitor data it collects allows characters to address guests by name and helps staff manage traffic flow.

At our 2016 Expo, the full week of activities trumpeted the belief that this year’s momentum is all about keeping an eye on the future and seizing new opportunities. What bold plan will you put into action in 2016?

Banish bedbugs with Live Free powered by KiltronX™

January 11, 2016

WestPoint Kiltron

Biting hotel owners’ wallets

It’s no surprise to anyone in the hospitality industry that bedbugs are a huge concern. Since travelers today often choose their accommodations online, they are heavily influenced by fellow travelers’ reviews. Online reviews can harm a hotel’s business and reputation if even the slightest hint of a bedbug infestation exists. Signs of bedbugs are more likely than other common hotel issues (odors, unclean bathrooms, dirty sheets) to prompt guests to leave a property.

A recent survey found that even a single mention of bedbugs on travel and social media sites drops the value of a hotel room by an average of almost $30/night.


While bedbugs are challenging to eliminate, they’re easy to avoid – if you know how and use the right products. You may think cleanliness affects whether bedbugs will infiltrate your property. In fact, cleanliness is not the issue. Bedbugs hide in miniscule crevices and because they usually come out after dark, are harder to detect. To solve the problem once and for all, American Hotel recommends Live Free powered by KiltronX™ bedbug barrier system. This proven system actively kills bedbugs, protects the entire room (not just the mattress), prevents future infestations, and its organic solution is safe for guests.

Peace of mind

There’s no doubt bedbugs are a pain in more ways than one. Treating a minor infestation is inconvenient, but far less costly than treating the same problem after it spreads. The Live Free system, powered by KiltronX, is designed to protect an entire property, not just a room or two. The active compound that kills bedbugs was developed based on organic farming pest control technology. This green compound is in the system’s mattress covers, cushion liners, box spring wraps and all other kit components.

Sweet dreams

As the single-source solution for your property, American Hotel invites you to save up to 20% on KiltronX products through January 31.

We bid you good night, and, whatever you do, don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Eliminate odor at the source

October 7, 2015

Procter and Gamble

In hospitality, you know that presenting a clean and comfortable property is an everyday pursuit. In high-use areas, odors can quickly become a problem when not properly addressed. Cover-ups that simply mask the scent are not the solution. What’s an attentive staffer to do?

In many cases, the answer is to turn to a brand you know and trust. With Febreze® odor eliminators, from P&G, unpleasant smells are gone for good. Its proprietary cleaning system goes to the source of odors and eliminates rather than disguises them.

When you keep it handy, Febreze Ready to Use spray couldn’t be any easier to use. You spray directly on a fabric until it is slightly damp. As it dries, odors disappear.

When something stinky gets in the way, you can also reach for Febreze Air Effects. Using patented technology, Febreze Air Effects as well as Febreze Fabric Refreshers lock onto odors and eliminate them. With Febreze Air Effects, you can kick odors out and invite freshness in. From pet and bathroom smells to stubborn smoke or lingering food aromas, a simple spray sweeps odors away.

Take a look at all of your Febreze options, including a variety of fresh scents and sizes, at