Discovering the housekeeping difference

July 3, 2018

You know hotel housekeeping can be quite a challenge. You also know care and consistency around housekeeping is what builds a property’s reputation in the eyes of guests. When housekeeping gets overlooked, hotels typically feel a bottom-line impact. Like any other operational task that’s vital to the everyday success of a business, effective housekeeping demands proper planning and the right equipment.

From maintaining the pristine appearance of guest rooms to making sure pool and exercise areas have an endless supply of towels, every housekeeping team should be guided by a clear strategy. One industry expert emphasizes the importance of ongoing training. “Housekeeping is really all about the basics and really knowing those basics well,” said Rick Takach, CEO and chairman of hotel management company Vesta Hospitality. “As long as your team is very well-trained, that’s your best way to make sure things are running smoothly and you’re getting your rooms done as quick as possible.”

Just as important are the tools of the trade. For more than three decades, Royal Basket Trucks has produced carts, trucks, and containers that support the critical work of housekeeping. Today, Royal Basket offers a full line of products for collecting, sorting, and transporting in a variety of environments.

To experience the difference of Royal Basket, choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and divided sections for optimal organization and increased efficiency. Royal Basket also offers non-marking casters to spare specialty floors from damage. Every cart is built to order, made in Wisconsin, and ships on a short timeline.

Turn to the innovative options of Royal Basket, and give your housekeeping staff the support that goes with every successful strategy.

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