With Hunter Amenities, we deliver customized luxury

October 29, 2018

Every hotel strives to give its guests a unique sensory experience. We’re proud to partner with Hunter Amenities, a company offering one of the richest portfolios of licensed amenity brands for luxury hotels, spas, and cruise lines around the world. They’re experts at creating personal product packages that hotel guests love.

Together, American Hotel and Hunter will help you create unforgettable room experiences. With our vast portfolio of global personal care lines, we’ll facilitate your selection of the perfect amenities for your property. In-house designers and fragrance experts are available to help you create one-of-a-kind, bespoke bath and body collections.

Our consultants will help you zero in on your hotel’s brand essence. Do you want product packaging that matches your hotel’s décor? With Hunter Amenities, we can design it.

And we’ll cater to your audience’s wants and needs. Are your guests mostly hip Gen-X and Millennials who like the coolest brands? Or, are your guests primarily Baby Boomers who appreciate classic brands – and easy-to-open packaging? Whoever your audience, we can help you create amenity packages that suit their tastes.

Our partnership with Hunter Amenities is all about supporting your distinct guest experience – now and into the future.

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