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To create the best impression, change ironing board covers seasonally

March 18, 2019

Spring is here – have you checked the condition of your guest room ironing board covers and pads? If not, it’s time to add this to your spring and seasonal cleaning checklists.

Since guests use ironing boards for more than just ironing – as an extra table, working or eating space – it’s not surprising to find dirt, spills and food residue on them, in addition to the general wear and tear that comes from being used in a busy hospitality environment. Let’s face it – guests want to look their best, and they don’t want to put their clean clothes on a dirty cover.

We recommend changing ironing board covers every three months or seasonally to provide the most positive guest room experience.

Registry® replacement covers offer value and quality

Look to Registry, our personal brand, for replacement covers and pads to suit your property needs. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, each features:

  • One-piece construction that’s scorch- and stain-resistant
  • Durable fiber padding
  • A smooth, snug fit with choice of drawcord or elastic binding

Shop all Registry replacement covers now and save thru April 1.

Extras that guests now expect

March 22, 2018

When it comes to booking a room at a hotel, there are a few standard and very simple things guests look for in the room description and the user reviews. Cleanliness of the room, a comfortable bed, access to the internet, a TV (with cable) in the room and bathroom amenities rank as the most important. However, those are basics that virtually every place offers. What really sets your hotel apart from every other property out there?

To increase revenue and out-sell your competitors, let’s take a closer look at the items your guests are actually looking for – and what you can add to the offering.

Free WiFi

Wireless internet alone isn’t cutting it anymore, especially for guests who are frequently traveling for business. When guests are on the go, they want to stay connected without having to pay an additional fee.

Beyond just free, though, many business travelers also expect internet that’s both reliable and quick. According to hotel owner and CEO Rupesh Patel, who recently polled guests among his many properties, slow internet was one of the biggest complaints for guests and not just for executives but millennials, too. A study done by found that over 57% of hotel guests in the 20 – 30 age range try to stream or connect their personal devices to hotel TVs using the included Wi-Fi.


Lighting is everything in a hotel room, especially if many of the rooms aren’t blessed with seemingly endless natural light. According to Conde Nast Traveler, bad lighting is often one of the biggest complaints for guests. Whether it’s dim lighting in the bathroom or yellow-hued fluorescent lights in the bedroom, guests crave lights that both flatter and accent the space. To mimic natural light, consider daylight or soft white bulbs, which create a warm and cozy vibe that’s still highly effective.

Seamless check in/out

Your hotel could have the most beautiful lobby, endless amenities and a breathtaking view, but a negative check in/out encounter can be what makes or breaks a guests’ overall experience. Today, many hotels are elevating their check in/out by offering self-service pods or DIY apps, which take the human interaction completely out of it. For some, the ease of going directly to your room without having to stop for a key or to give you credit card information again is a major selling point.

However, some guests, mainly baby boomers and up, still prefer that human touch. So, for these guests, they look for a lobby that’s clearly mapped out (with signs to the registration), friendly staff and a painless process (no repetitive forms to fill out or long lines).


A focus on the environment and sustainability should be top of mind for all hotels, but especially for those looking to break the millennial market.

“Millennials are twice as likely to support brands with strong management of environmental and social issues and expect brands to not only manage their impact but communicate it,” said Diana Verde Nieto, CEO of Positive Luxury, to SCMP.

For many properties, that means preserving the lifestyle and the culture of the destination it’s in – whether that means offering farm-to-table, local cuisine in their restaurant or offering furniture that’s been handmade by a local artisan. Sustainability also means a focus on the environment, so using linens made from recycled fabrics, LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances (like coffee makers and mini-fridges) and refillable bathroom fixtures also make a large impact for this massive consumer base.


Nothing dirties the perception of your property quicker than a stale, stinky smell, and this will immediately affect how that guest views the cleanliness and comfort of your hotel. As bad as a dirty scent is, an overly fragrant, perfume-y aroma can be just as detrimental. You want the hotel to have a smell that’s fresh, pleasant and clean, and doesn’t deter the guest from wanting to stay. To avoid a stale scent from carpeting, rugs or linens, invest in fresh scent odor removers or air fresheners.

Competitive food & beverage offerings

Hotel restaurants are no longer the last resort for tired guests. For many properties, their restaurants hold as much acclaim or more than the actual property, thanks to an award-winning chef or highly regarded cuisine. For many guests, they want food that speaks to the destination they’re in, or that competes against the fare served at neighboring brick and mortars. Beyond just fancy restaurant food, guests want quick room service options that go above and beyond the standard burger and fries (think vegetarian options or more seasonal cuisine), plus an ease of ordering. For some properties, that means ordering directly from the TV or their phones. Even for budget properties, an included continental breakfast or proximity to a diner or breakfast space will make all the difference for hungry guests.

Connectivity & power

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to rearrange the heavy wooden desk, the clunky bedside table or even the bed just to charge your phone. However, many hotel rooms don’t have ample electrical outlets, which make it hard for guests to charge their devices. Not all chargers are created equal, though.

According to a study done by the American Hotel and Lodging Association, usage of smartphone docking stations fell to just 19% last year, primarily because they don’t adapt to newer technology. In addition, most guests bring their own chargers. However, nightstands with USB chargers, charge pods or outlets as well as dual-purpose alarm clocks are still popular, and help keep all of the guest’s electronics charged at once.

So, let’s go back to where we started: What really sets your hotel apart from every other property out there? Put some of these ideas into action and be sure to measure the results.

Set your property apart with
custom embroidery

November 7, 2016

The aim of nearly every hotel or resort property, no matter how reasonable or refined, is to do everything possible to create a uniquely memorable guest experience. Of course, this is what keeps guests coming back and what spurs them to promote the joys of their stay to others.

Often, it’s the small but special details of a guest room setting that make the most lasting impression. Consider the graceful accents of embroidery. Through custom embroidery, properties like yours are able to add a tailored look and branded finish to their fine fabrics. With your property name beautifully stitched into a cozy robe or comfortable towel, guests are sure to take note.

As the premier hospitality source, we operate a state-of-the-art embroidery machine able to create custom looks, logos and messaging on virtually any fabric a property would want.

We embroider robes, slippers, towels, select sheeting products, accessory bags and more. With 8 heads, 120 needles and 120 spools of thread, our amazing machine can embroider a single design on eight different garments at the same time.

  • With up to 15 different colors possible within a single embroidery, we can embroider any logo or style
  • We can cut order time by two weeks to help customers save money and time
  • Our machine’s precise capabilities offer our luxury customers a world of possibilities

With embroidery, you can accentuate the positive and keep your name in the minds of your guests. To place an order or ask questions about our embroidery capabilities, you can simply contact your sales representative.

Mattress protection for guests, brand protection for you

May 31, 2016

7389CRS-BSECKWant to stop bed bugs, stains and spills in their tracks? Turn to CleanRest Pro mattress encasements.

CleanRest Pro encasements are the last encasements you’ll buy for the mattress you’re protecting. These specialized products, designed using patented technology, offer spoilage and bed bug protection with a 100% waterproof sleep surface. CleanRest Pro encasements promote healthy sleep by blocking allergens and irritants, and they enhance your guests’ quality of sleep with their soft, quiet, breathable material. Plus, they come with an unparalleled 10-year full product warranty and exclusive access to their ROI property analysis calculator.

No other product on the market provides the same level of defense against bed bugs, stains and wetness.

Designed with the hotel owner in mind, CleanRest Pro encasements are engineered to last the 10-year life of the mattress, not the 12-month life cycle of the bed bug. Thanks to their stretchy sidewall and bottom fabric, they can be installed and reinstalled easily, and commercially laundered repeatedly, making them the only preemptive encasement solution.

By encasing your property before the onset of an inevitable bed bug occurrence, you’re insuring the life of one of your most costly assets, your mattress. The bed bug proof technology of CleanRest Pro denies access to the mattress, causing bed bugs to move further away from your sleeping guests and allowing you the chance to find them before your patrons do.

CleanRest Pro mattress encasements protect against bed bugs, spoilage, and the fallout from negative social media reviews. Protect your investment as well as your reputation with CleanRest Pro.

Here’s an added advantage. As a one-stop shopping source for your bedding needs, American Hotel invites you to try a free sample of this superior mattress protection. Call us today at 1-800-323-5686 to order your free sample.

Triple Sheet Your Beds in 6 Easy Steps

May 20, 2016

Triple sheeting is a luxurious, cost-effective and efficient bedding solution. It guarantees a clean, crisp bed that is easily managed by the housekeeping staff, ultimately saving considerable time and money.

Sheeting components can be laundered after each guest visit to ensure a sanitary environment.

Bedspreads can cost $100-$250 per piece, and up to $25 per piece in off-site laundering. By replacing a bedspread with one additional sheet, the Triple Sheeting technique can significantly reduce overall operational costs.

Duvet covers cause housekeeping to spend three times longer to make the bed. Triple Sheeting is an easy step-by-step process that can greatly increase housekeeping efficiency.

ITEMS NEEDED: flat or fitted sheet to cover mattress, basic flat sheet, lightweight blanket and decorative top sheet

Option 1: Lay a flat sheet on the mattress and tuck all the way around the bed. Option 2: Use a fitted sheet to cover the mattress.

Place the top hem of flat sheet so it is even with the top of the mattress. The sheet should be even on all sides and smooth.

Place a lightweight blanket on top of the middle sheet starting about six inches below the top of the mattress.

Place remaining flat sheet on top of the blanket. The top hem should be even with the top of the mattress.

Fold 1: Take the top of both flat sheets and fold down together about six inches (blanket should not be included in this fold). Fold 2: Then fold down the two flat sheets and the blanket another six inches. The sheets should now be folded twice and the blanket folded once.

Tuck in both flat sheets along with the blanket beneath the foot of the mattress. The hanging fabric at the sides of the foot will have made a short U-shape. Turn back the U-shape along the length of the bed then pull towards the headboard, parallel to the mattress. Tuck the hanging corners of the sheet and blanket together under the mattress.

HYGEN™-ic is more becoming to your staff and guests

May 20, 2016

The Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Disposable Microfiber System is the solution for optimizing infection prevention, ensuring environmental hygiene, and improving productivity. The innovative technology knits microfiber yarn into a nonwoven substrate, creating unique, disposable microfiber with microbe-removing scrubbing power.1027244#W_1_300x300

99.9% Microbe Removal, Including C. diff*

  • Proven 99.9% microbe removal claim
  • Helps stop the chain of infection
  • Eliminates food sources for live pathogens

Superior Cleaning Performance

  • Microfiber cleaning with built-in scrubbing power
  • Streak-free cleaning for mirrors, glass, and stainless steel
  • Effectively removes dirt without smearing

Versatile Cleaning

  • Compatible with bleach and quat**
  • Ideal for dusting and wet cleaning
  • Convenient charging system and compatible with existing tools

Microbe removal is a critical step in preventing infection. Removing dead microbes eliminates the food source for live pathogens.

*Based on third-party testing with water only. The product can be used with a wide array of cleaning solutions.
EPA EST. 90650-NC-001

**Compatible with quat (cloth); bleach-safe (cloth and mop)

Bedspread & Comforter TLC

May 20, 2016

While you no doubt follow strict laundering procedures for your sheets and pillowcases, what about other items like comforters and bedspreads? Most of these items are washable, but some may require special attention to ensure they are not damaged.

Here are some tips on the best way to clean these products…


Comforting care

The first step is to read the care instructions on the label. If specific instructions about hand-washing or washing temperature are listed, don’t deviate from them. If the instructions say “dry clean only”, don’t try washing the items in a machine as it may ruin them. If your comforters are washable, it’s best to wash them in a large-capacity front-loading machine. Comforters can hold a lot of water and may damage a standard top-loading washing machine. Paying a little more to wash your comforters is better than paying a lot more to replace your washer. When washing, use a gentle detergent, and avoid those with bleach as they can damage the comforter’s outer fabric and filling.

Make sure to dry comforters thoroughly. If they can be dried in a clothes dryer, use a lower heat setting, then run them through two drying cycles. Ideally, they should be taken out often to reposition them so they dry evenly and don’t develop hot spots that can scorch. Adding a few clean tennis balls to the dryer can help fluff them.


Special TLC for down bedding

While down products are often dry cleaned, the process can strip the natural protective oils from the down and many manufacturers caution against it. Small stains can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent.

If you decide to wash a down comforter, use soap made specifically for down products and wash it in a large front-loading washer. Don’t use bleach, bleach alternatives, or fabric softeners. Wash in cold water and rinse twice in cold water to remove all soap residue.

Drying down bedding products can be time consuming, but it is important that they are dried properly before storing to prevent mildew. For best results, use large front-loading commercial dryers set at medium heat. Do not hang dry or dry on a flat surface. Reposition the items often for even drying and use tennis balls to help with fluffing.


The End

Decorative comforters can last several years with proper care, but should be replaced when they become flat or begin to leak bits of the fill, or when the stitching comes loose. For comforters, the twisting and turning of a sleeper gradually degrades the fill and produces bare spots, typically in the “shoulder” area. When buying new comforters, make sure to look for double stitching or baffle box construction, which helps prevent leaking or bunching of the filling.

More to choose from with Hamilton Beach®

July 22, 2015

When you think Hamilton Beach, its full assortment of high-quality irons and coffeemakers likely comes first to mind. Think again, because this trusted American brand has recently added to its portfolio.

With additions to its line of hair dryers and clock radios, Hamilton Beach gives you a complete selection across product categories so you can find the best fit for your guests. Its new clock radio option is a small footprint model that’s big on modern features. Its new full-size and mid-size hair dryers round out a selection that delivers on ease and durability.

More variety, at competitive pricing, means more value for you and your property. Explore the complete Hamilton Beach collection {inks to Hamilton Beach landing page}, and choose the items that meet guest expectations.

Iron out your budget by saving on in-room essentials

July 8, 2015

If you are a fan of the Travel Channel show “Hotel Impossible,” you might have caught an episode or two where expert host Anthony Melchiorri makes clear that no guest room should be without an iron. For many in hospitality, an iron and ironing board is an in-room essential.

At American Hotel, we are more than on board with that sentiment. That’s why our current promotion offers you great savings from two brands you know and trust. With special pricing until July 20 on Made in the USA Homz® ironing boards and select irons from Sunbeam® Hospitality, we invite you to take advantage of great deals on a smooth ironing combination.

Through its Greensense products, Sunbeam has also made a commitment to supporting sustainability efforts. Greensense is a line of eco-conscious items for the socially responsible, cost-conservative hotelier. Every Greensense product has been designed to save energy or water, or both. With Greensense, you are saving money while saving the planet.

As you know, Sunbeam’s wide variety of product offerings includes hair dryers, coffeemakers, clock radios and more. You can also shop for these quality products at, or by calling your sales representative at 1-800-323-5686.

Advanced encasement technology that protects your investment

March 6, 2015

One of the biggest investments you’ve made in your business is no doubt the single most important part of any guest stay at your property. Of course, we’re talking beds. Most guest room sleep systems (as they are known today) cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and that’s just the mattresses, box springs and pillows. Then you add a headboard, a frame, and quality linens and blankets, and the price continues to escalate.

As the quest for the best guest experience becomes ever more competitive, you need to make sure these assets are protected from daily wear and tear, stains, spills, bedbugs, allergens and more, so you can continue to offer your guests a great nights’ sleep and capture those great reviews online for years to come.

Waterproof CleanRest Pro® bedding encasements are Orkin® recommended and offer just the right amount of protection, with complete coverage for all types of mattresses, box springs and pillows.

Compared to other products on the market today, CleanRest Pro encasements provide these exclusive, value-added features and a comprehensive 15-year warranty…

MicronOne® patented technology promotes a healthy environment and keeps guests safe in four ways:

  • Protects your guests’ sleep by creating a clean barrier against the micro-toxins that build up over time in every mattress and pillow
  • Blocks all micro-toxins larger than one micron in size, like allergens, dust mites and their waste, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and even bedbugs
  • Effectively prevents dust mite infestation for the lifetime of the product – achieve all of these health benefits without sacrificing comfort, breathability, durability or washability  
  • Certified bedbug-bite proof

The Zip-N-Click™ zipper closure ensures bedbugs cannot enter or escape the encasement and is the only certified zipper closure that can be easily inspected from a distance, which saves your staff time when completing their safety checklists.

To learn more about the quality and value of CleanRest Pro encasements or to shop the complete CleanRest line, visit