Serving up the hottest bar trends

April 9, 2014

Serving up the hottest bar trends

Word on the street is the old-fashioned hotel mini-bar is a thing of the past. Teeny refrigerators across the country are ending up in the dumpster – and it isn’t hard to see why.

Humans are social creatures. When we’re traveling we generally spend all day doing one of two things – sitting in a conference room or running about town taking in the city and sights. At the end of the day, guests want to relax with a cocktail, but not typically alone with only the room television for company.

Cue the in-house bar. Bars are re-entering the hotel scene and coming on strong. Boutiques and high-end hotels nationwide are embracing the trend, transforming boring-but-functional bars into jazz era speakeasies or full on nightclubs. It’s not just the big dogs that are picking up on the trend, either. Plenty of small to mid-size venues are ditching the mini-bars and joining in.

If you’re hoping to cash in on the trend, you don’t need to spring for a total re-design. All that really matters is a good mixologist, the right equipment and a few solid signature drinks.  Craft beers and ciders are trending right now and old classics like Pisco Sours and the Old Fashioned are making a comeback.

Of course, not every venue has a liquor license – or even wine and beer – and that’s perfectly ok. You can still offer something unique like old-fashioned sodas or locally made juices. Paired with some nice seating, and space to mingle, that could be plenty to keep your guests happy (and keep the reservations coming in).

Hotel guests love having a convenient place to socialize, and a popular bar can bring in local traffic as well. Who wouldn’t be tempted to pop in for a quick drink and unwind a bit knowing that their comfy sleeping quarters are just a few steps away? Happy guests, and more money spent in your venue. We’ll go ahead and call that a win-win. Cheers!

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