When Conferences Require Privacy

July 25, 2012

Let’s say you’ve just booked a quarterly Town Hall Meeting for one of the largest corporations in town. They ask you what measures your hotel has in place to ensure the privacy of the event.  What do you say?

Hopefully your customer service representative is able to respond that you offer code or key card access to the meeting hall and possibly even options to hire security guards. Depending on the company, this could make or break a deal.  After all, you should realistically assess how easy it would be for someone to walk inside your hotel and enter the meeting room without passing any sort of security.

American Hotel Register offers a variety of lock pads to ensure you are able to book conferences that require privacy safeguards. From typical electronic key card access, to a code system that is given out to attendees prior to the meeting, American Hotel has you covered!

You’d be surprised how many organizations would be glad to find out that you have measures in place to keep their proprietary information secure. And these measures are not just for companies – what about conferences or events that require a purchased ticket for entry?  Putting a simple code on the invitation would ensure that guests could come and go as they please without hassle of a check-in table. It’s a simple and cost-effective solution to ensure your events go as smoothly as possible.

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