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The best products to keep floors clean

October 21, 2019
Rubbermaid products

You always want your property looking its best – from ceiling to floor. A dirty floor can make even the most stylish, beautiful properties appear unkempt. What’s more, you want to avoid having anything sticky or slippery on the ground that could cause guest injury.

That’s why you should turn to the highest-quality cleaning products from brands you can trust, like Rubbermaid. Here are three products from their line of cleaning supplies that are sure to make your floors – and hotel – shine.

New! Spill Mop Kit

The new Rubbermaid Commercial Products Spill Mop Kit cleans spills faster than a cotton string mop for a safer, drier floor. The super-absorbent material retains liquid so it won’t leak or drip. Once fully absorbed, the easy-release handle allows for hands-free disposal, something your staff will appreciate. Plus, the pads are designed for one-time use, making spill cleanup quick and easy.

Spill Mop Pad

For quick and convenient cleaning, turn to Rubbermaid Commercial Products Spill Mop Pad, used with the Spill Mop Handle. Each pad is made with highly absorbent material designed for quickly removing liquid, water-based spills. The absorbed liquid turns into gel, trapping it inside to prevent leaks and drips. Up to two packs can fit conveniently in the Spill Mop Storage Cabinet, while the dispensing carton is compact enough to easily slide into most spaces.

Maximizer Mop Head Pad

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Maximizer Mop Pad is similar to the Spill Mop Pad but is ideal for quickly removing biohazard liquid. Each pad holds up to 32 ounces of water and 13.5 ounces of NaCl 0.9%.

By relying on cleaning supplies from Rubbermaid Commercial Products, you’ll be fully prepared next time there’s a spill of any kind.

Find the right fit with the Quick Cart from Rubbermaid

August 4, 2016

Looking to elevate your housekeeping game? Explore the advantages of the powerfully flexible Rubbermaid Quick Cart.

Sure, its very name spells out its biggest benefit. Compared to traditional housekeeping carts, the Quick Cart does indeed speed the cleaning process. Compact and lightweight, it easily maneuvers in tight spaces. It also offers versatile compartments, which allow for multiple configurations and uses around all areas of your property.

Here’s another housekeeping bonus. The Quick Cart is quiet and discreet. Its modern design blends into public areas and, as it disappears into guest rooms, this smart cart helps your staff keep a low profile in the cleaning process.

Just as importantly, the Quick Cart withstands rigorous daily use. It’s constructed with high-performance materials for added strength and durability. Treated with Dupont Teflon fabric protector, the cart repels water, oil and stains – greatly extending its life.

Part of the Executive Series, the Quick Cart is a prime example of Rubbermaid’s reputation for delivering efficient and effective cleaning tools. What more can we say? See for yourself why the Quick Cart is becoming hospitality’s go-to housekeeping solution.

Go discreet and efficient Rubbermaid’s Executive Series™ carts deliver

July 13, 2015

Collapsible X-Cart engineered for versatility

Do you want to give your property a smarter image? One way to improve its look is by upgrading to the Executive Series Quick Carts and X-Carts from Rubbermaid Commercial Products®. The stylish Executive Series is specifically designed to blend into your environment with quiet sophistication to ensure a positive impression

Quick Cart…the industry’s most durable cart solution

Supporting your premium guest experience, Quick Cart empowers staff to maintain areas discreetly and efficiently. It keeps the cleaning process hidden from view of guests and allows staff to easily move throughout the property. Featuring lightweight and compact, yet durable construction, the Quick Cart delivers a flexible solution, which can be customized for the unique needs of your property.

Quick Cart features include…

  • Double-stitched ballistic nylon treated with Teflon® fabric protector
  • Aluminum telescoping handle
  • Robust ball-bearing wheels designed for quiet operation
  • Removable Teflon-treated liner for easy cleaning

Depend on the Collapsible X-Cart for efficient performance without compromising image. These easy-to-maneuver basket trucks efficiently transport a wide variety of materials and then conveniently collapse for efficient storage. This best-in-class product features unmatched durability with industry-leading weight-load capacities to increase worker productivity.

Collapsible X-Cart features include…

  • Robust stainless steel, powder-coated frame
  • Supports loads up to 220 lbs.
  • Cart collapses to just 4-1/2″ W for easy storage
  • Easy-clean detachable bag
  • Premium, quiet casters

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