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Surging Summer Travel

May 25, 2012

Let the summer vacations begin! School is coming to a close, families will be planning visits and business travel will pick up. It seems that the hospitality industry is one that continues to gain strength – and 2012 is no exception.

Smith Travel Research (STR) is predicting a rise in hotel occupancy during June, July and August by nearly 2% and the revenue per available room to increase 5.7% to over $73!

Many industry leaders were concerned that the rise in gas prices could cause a decline in travel and hotel occupancy. But if gas prices don’t deter travelers, many will likely be looking for ways to offset the gas costs. This means they will be taking advantage of in-room cooking appliances and complimentary breakfasts. They may choose a relaxing day by the pool rather than spending the entire day out on the town.

It’s time to prepare for your summer influx – we’re here to help!