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The tricks for running an efficient hotel

November 7, 2019
Tips for efficient hotel

With so much going on at a hotel at one time, being efficient is the name of the game. Staff members often need to be doing multiple things at once, and the better equipped they are to multitask, the smoother operations will be.

Here are some ways to help your staff be more efficient:

Consider investing in technology

While hospitality is an industry where in-person communication is essential, there are still ways to use technology effectively to help with productivity. Consider investing in technology such as property management systems to free up manpower that could be better spent doing other, more personal tasks for guests.

Encourage breaks

While this may seem counterintuitive, giving your staff breaks – and encouraging them to take those breaks – can actually help with efficiency. If staff members are overworked and burnt out, they won’t be as efficient and productive as they would be if they took a few minutes to relax and regroup every once and awhile.

Give them the best tools

When it comes to efficiency, the supplies being used are just as important as the staff members themselves. Buying multipurpose trucks and carts can help boost productivity.

Royal Basket® has a variety of products that ensure smooth function and efficiency, including Royal Basket® Permanent Liner Vinyl Trucks with either a wood or metal base. These vinyl permanent liner trucks can be used to transport everything from linens to recycles to refuse. The durable vinyl liners are antimicrobial, flame retardant, and resistant to mold, and are permanently attached to the frames to ensure the security and organization of cart contents. Plus, additional parts, accessories, and upgrades available, making it easy to customize the trucks for maximum efficiency. 

Learn more about wood-based and metal-based Permanent Liner Vinyl Trucks from Royal Basket®