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50% cotton/50% polyester blend

October 10, 2011

50/50 cotton/polyester blendYou can have the best of both worlds! Use 50/50 blended table linens to get the high quality image of 100% cotton, and save money, too. The 50/50 fabric blend has many advantages over 100% cotton linens:

  • Lower initial costs. Blended linens cost up to 30% less than 100% cotton.
  • Lower laundry costs. Blended linens hold less moisture, so they dry almost twice as fast as cotton.
  • Less equipment cleaning. Blended linens produce half the amount of lint, so there’s less downtime and a smaller impact on the environment.
  • Energy savings. Blended linens need to be pressed at a much lower temperature than cotton, which lowers energy use, saving energy costs.
  • Lower replacement costs. Blended products last 30% to 50% longer than 100% cotton.

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Care Instructions for 100% Polyester Bedding

September 13, 2011

Washing Instructions:

  • Wash in warm water, never exceeding 120° F
  • Use mild detergent, no bleach/chlorine, no fabric softeners
  • Do not overload or under-load machine
  • Do not mix with other textiles

Drying Instructions:

  • Tumble dry at lowest heat setting
  • Never exceed 120° F
  • Do not mix with other textiles
  • Do not use fabric softeners
  • Do not overload or under-load machine
  • Remove from dryer immediately to avoid wrinkling
  • For best results, remove while slightly damp
  • For fabric other than polyester, special cleaning instructions may apply

Note: Regularly check all laundry machinery and housekeeping carts for sharp edges (burrs). All burrs should be filed smooth. Fabricator’s warranty does not cover snagging. Always test one item as instructed above. If results are unsatisfactory, discontinue laundering. Fabricator will only be responsible for the single test item.

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