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Checking In: Must Haves for Excellent Hospitality Service

February 28, 2013

As we mentioned before, the breakfast bar is one of the most popular and appealing attractions for those in the hospitality industry. Having the perfect breakfast bar can put you measures beyond your competition, but now you are probably wondering, what else can we do?

Keep in mind that nearly half of all travelers report that they will not book a hotel room without first reading online reviews. Monitor online reviews for input on ways to improve your hotel. Chief complaints cited in online reviews are housekeeping, service quality and general maintenance.

So, let’s imagine you have the friendliest and most reliable staff you could find and general maintenance has ensured that everything is in perfect working condition. Ready for the next step?

Here is a Top Ten list of services in the hospitality industry that will make guests and visitors become often-seen friends. You might want to pay close attention to it because it could change how you do hospitality.

  1. Free Wi-Fi
  2. Free Wi-Fi
  3. Plent of power outlets in each room
  4. Happy hours, wine tasting, or other activities involving food and drinks
  5. Complimentary bottled water in every room
  6. Designer toiletries
  7. Fitness center and spa
  8. Modern in-room amenities like iPads
  9. Fresh flowers throughout
  10. Entertainment amenities like an arcade or movie screening room

While we could have easily drafted a Top One Hundred list, these top ten items should be considered as some of the best to offer. So what are you waiting for? Turn guests into friends today.

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Smartphones and the Hospitality Industry

October 12, 2012

smartphones and hospitality

The New York Times estimated that by 2016, over one billion people will own a smartphone. It seems that every few months a sleeker, better phone is released – while older models get less expensive and more accessible. We are no doubt experiencing the beginning of a smartphone boom – and what does that mean for the future of the hotel and hospitality industry?

From researching, booking and reviewing hotels – smartphones play a vital role. Today’s on-the-go lifestyle means that your hotel’s website, Facebook account and competitive prices will be accessed via smartphone more than ever before. When a guest arrives at your property, a large percentage of them will “check-in” via Foursquare, Facebook or another social site – making your page then visible to all of their friends and followers.  Hotels seeking a competitive edge definitely need to ensure their online channels and search engine marketing are in top shape.

The number of mobile bookings in the travel space has accelerated from $20 million in 2008 to over $200 million in 2010 – and that number continues to grow. Whether for business trips, last-minute vacations or when people just quite can’t get to a computer at the minute, mobile booking is a convenient solution. And evidence suggests that even investing in a mobile booking app may be worth it. Some hotels are even using smartphone apps internally to help with food and beverage operations, and even as a room keys

Reputation management is a new buzzword in the marketing world. Google reviews and other rating services offer the convenience of rating a room and hotel experience on the guests’ plane or car ride home while it’s still fresh in their mind. Just the simple technology of being able to take a photo of your special anniversary hotel room, a neat display in the lobby, or another unique aspect of your hotel and instantly text it to your friend is word-of-mouth marketing at its finest.

As we continue to see how technology enhances the hospitality industry, we encourage you to stay on top of trends. And for that extra boost – we suggest browsing our in-room smartphone products to really impress your tech-savvy guests!