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How to create the perfect poolside experience

June 14, 2019

As temperatures heat up, you know the pool is the place to be. Equipping your indoor or outdoor pool area with quality towels will ensure that guests have a great experience, whether they’re lying on a lounge chair or drying off after a morning swim.

The power of the Fibertone™ process

It may be tempting to stay away from colored or designed towels because of their tendency to fade, but with ultra-durable Fibertone™ Towels by 1888 Mills®, you don’t have to worry about washed-out fabrics. Fibertone, a patented color technology, is a revolutionary process that produces stable colors that don’t fade or bleed. What’s more, their color holds up to harsh chemicals and sunlight, making them the ideal poolside companion.

Comfort is key

While color-stay power is important, guests truly appreciate a comfortable, absorbent towel post-swim. Fibertone Towels are made from a ring-spun cotton blend, which combines ultimate softness with maximum absorbency and wear, so guests can wrap up in a cozy towel after a long day at the pool.

Choose style and substance

Fibertone Towels come in a range of patterns and colors, from Seafoam Stripe to Sandstone. This way, you can match your pool towels to your décor and create a cohesive setting. They are also available in different dimensions – 24″ x 48″, 24″ x 50″, 24″ x 52″, 24″ x 54″, 30″ x 60″, 30″ x 70″, 35″ x 70″, and 36″ x 70″ – to suit any size need.

A selection of Fibertone Towels are on sale thru June 23, making them good for your guests, and your bottom line. Stock up now and save on these swimming essentials.

Take the plunge with pool towels that stay in service longer

March 30, 2016

If you work at or manage a property with a swimming pool, you know it’s important to plan ahead for high season and give your guests a simply swimming experience.

Beyond the “heavy lifting” of cleaning and maintenance, however, one of the extras guests most appreciate is the availability of nice, soft towels at poolside. If your property doesn’t currently provide them, consider doing so, if for no other reason than it’s a nice thing to do for your guests (of course, from a business standpoint, the use of pool towels can extend the life of your in-room towels as well). If your property already provides pool towels as an amenity, now is the time to take a look at your current inventory for fading and wear, and refresh your stock.

Whatever your situation, it pays to check out soft and ultra-durable Fibertone™ Pool Towels from 1888 Mills®. Fibertone towels are designed to last longer than the average pool towel and stay looking great year after year. The patented Fibertone color process produces vibrant color that will not fade in the sun, will not bleed or transfer onto other surfaces (including your expensive white linens), and is completely bleach-safe.

The Fibertone color process

The talented 1888 Mills craftsmen start with long-wearing polyester, which is solution dyed and extruded, then ring-spun with cotton fibers to produce a hearty blend of consistent color. The vibrant shades remain stable item after item, batch after batch, and year after year. The use of polyester also increases the towels’ durability, makes them virtually lint-free and allows faster drying when compared to all-cotton towels.

Weaving a Better World® with 1888 Mills

From humble beginnings, 1888 Mills has grown to be an industry leader in home and commercial textile manufacturing and a valued supplier partner to American Hotel Register Company. They strive to remember this country’s deep heritage of textile manufacturing while continuously searching for new ways to drive future innovation and global collaboration.

Dive into savings

To learn more about this innovative line or place an order, visit us online at

Order before April 17, 2016, and you’ll save 35% off Fibertone pool towels.