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Prepare Your Property For The Winter Months

October 22, 2012

The onset of fall means it’s time to prepare for the change in seasons! From getting rooms up to par and ready for cool weather to planning for holiday décor and events, the winter months bring ample opportunity to impress guests with getting the subtle details right.

Something as simple as providing pumpkin spice coffee or peppermint hot cocoa in the lobby can be a warm welcome to guests coming in from the cold. Depending on the holiday, tasteful décor can also really put guests in the festive spirit. Use fall gords and squashes, neutral colors and dried autumn flowers in the weeks leading up to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Crisp pine scents, poinsettias, and simple accents of gold and silver can be used during December. It’s important to stay tasteful and subtle with décor – remember that less is often more.

When it comes to guest rooms, comfort is key. Make sure you have satisfactory heating devices, bedding and comforters.Providing plush robes and slippers for your guests can really be a pleasant surprise. Have any windows that aren’t directly accessible? Cover them with plastic coating. Extra insulation can go a long way towards saving on heating bills, and can help keep guest rooms warm and cozy.

We’re sure you’re already feeling the crisp air, so get started now. Browse our website to see how you can ensure a warm, welcoming, and festive holiday vacation for your guests this year.