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Hotel Event Planning

September 27, 2012

The Ryder Cup is only hours away! While you may be just now gearing up for the big event, chances are that hotels in the Medinah, IL, area have been planning for months.

Planning for a large event within the community takes a proactive approach. There are so many details to consider, but the real challenge is staying up to date on everything going on in the city and getting the inside scoop. Our biggest piece of advice is to begin attending Chamber of Commerce meetings and networking with decision-makers. For events like the Ryder Cup, discussions of sponsors and other details will take place and present opportunities for your hotel to be at the forefront.

Incentives such as offering a discount with ticket purchases and offering group discounts or lower rates on a particular weekend can really put you ahead of the game. Invest in advertising on the ticket or event website and get those fans in your doors.

Think of details that your guests will need during their stay. Coordinate taxis and shuttles to be on-hand before, during and after the event. Perhaps the hotel coffee shop needs to open earlier than usual, or the dining room should stay open late to accommodate the event hours. Have a concierge on hand to assist with questions about the venue, other things to do in the city, and restaurant recommendations. Inform your staff of any events guests will be involved with to engage in conversation. On the big day, placing a banner or signage may help get guests ready and excited for the event and remember to show support for the event they are passionate about.

Proper planning and preparedness will ensure that your hotel excels during busy events and special activities. Taking advantage of these opportunities and delivering excellence is sure to keep you on top.

Keeping Crowds Under Control

November 13, 2011

crowd control postsA crowd control barrier is nothing more than a device for controlling traffic. Portable crowd control posts function as visual barriers and guidance systems. They are easy to configure, reconfigure, relocate, and store away when not needed. Posts should have wide, heavyweight bases for stability. However, like other portable objects, posts can topple over if used improperly.

Portable posts with ropes or retractable belts are not intended to bekeeping crowds under control pulled, pushed, leaned on, or sat upon. Most people understand this safety issue, but very young children, for example, may not. If not properly supervised, they may play with a rope, belt, or post, causing it to topple over and perhaps cause accidental injury.

If your property hosts many guests with very young children who may not be properly supervised, you may wish to choose an alternative guidance system.

Some alternatives include:crowd control posts

  1. Horizontal Tubes, Beams, and Panels: Unlike posts, these cannot be pulled over with direct downward pressure.
  2. Removable Posts: These slide into sockets that are permanently mounted in the floor. They can be easily removed and stored as situations demand. They are most appropriate for areas with established traffic patterns.
  3. Fixed Posts and Railings: Permanently affixed to the floor, these cannot be moved. They are also best used in areas with established traffic patterns.


Note that both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Uniform Federal Accessibilities Standards (UFAS) regulations (ADA/UFAS 4.4.1) regarding “protruding objects” require the use of compliant stanchions or railings, in which the lowest tape, rope, or rail must not exceed a height of 27″ from the floor when measured 12″ or more away from the vertical post surface. This is to ensure that visually impaired people who employ a cane or guide animal can detect the protruding object without a collision.

Source: Lawrence Metal Products, Inc.

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