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5 Factors To Consider When Purchasing Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

January 18, 2013

1. Showcase Your Lobby. Create a great first impression and “wow” your guests with an interesting lobby design that incorporates a unique architectural element, columns, exotic woods, a mural or a dramatic fireplace. Today’s lobby serves as part business center, part meeting place, and part dining area, so it’s important to make it as multifunctional and dramatic as possible.

2. Keep Technology Cutting Edge. Guests expect the latest electronic gadgets, so offering high-speed internet access, including wireless, is essential throughout your hotel, along with plenty of data ports and electrical outlets. Extras like an entertainment center with a pivoting flat screen, high definition TV, a digital music and movie library available on demand, a stereo system or
MP3-compatible clock radio are rapidly becoming must-haves for today’s guests.

3. Beds & Bedding. From a comfortable place that provides a good night’s sleep to a luxurious area for reading, relaxing or working, the bed is the focal point of your guest rooms and deserves to be of high quality. Consider mattresses with higher coil counts and an extra-thick pillowtop for even more comfort. Top the bed with higher thread count linens, plush bedding and charming accent pillows for a soft, inviting look and feel. Offer a “menu” so guests can choose their favorite type of pillow for their sleeping style.

4. Case Goods. Keep both function and aesthetics in mind when selecting case goods to be sure the pieces look good together and accommodate guests’ needs. Coordinate finishes, colors and styles, along with accent pieces like cocktail tables in granite or metal to make a special design statement.

5. Lighting. Lighting is a relatively inexpensive way to add style, save energy, and bring any space to life. Explore ways to brighten work areas, soften lounge areas, or create a peaceful mood.

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