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Build The Best Breakfast Bar

February 18, 2013

build the best breakfast bar

Are your guests getting the best start to their day? If not, you can and should help them.

The breakfast bar is one of the most popular and appealing attractions for those in the hospitality industry. It’s where visitors begin their day and get their start. Giving visitors a healthy cornucopia of breakfast options is one of the best ways to ensure return guests.

But what else can and should you do aside from a diverse breakfast plan that appeals to people of different tastes and dietary preferences? Let’s explore that now.

Incorporate the following tips into your breakfast bar layout and practice:

  • Toss out those stale donuts and replace them with fresh fruits and homemade itemsRenovate countertops with grade one surfaces such as granite, stone, or marble
  • Add accent elements like columns or arches
  • Give the breakfast bar a unique flavor by incorporating local arts and crafts
  • Install one or more large flat-screen TVs so guests can watch the morning news
  • Modernize furniture and equipment for quality, comfort, and aesthetics
  • Ensure the entire area has sufficient Wi-Fi access (free Wi-Fi is one of the most important and demanded features by hotel guests)
  • Regularly clean the breakfast bar, pick up trash, and confirm that all surfaces and tables are clean and ready for guests

Our website features seven different breakfast bar themes that provide an auspicious starting point for planning your perfect breakfast bar. These themes include: our private-label Registry®Bar, Eco Bar, Contemporary Breakfast Bar, Traditional Breakfast Bar, Country Breakfast Bar, Hot Breakfast Bar, and Cold Breakfast Bar. We provide all the tools and tips you need to build your mouthwatering cornucopia.

Remember: a perfect day starts with a perfect breakfast. Provide that for your guests and they may stay another night.

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