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Safeguard Bedding and Eliminate Bedbugs

November 22, 2011

Prevention is the keybedbugs

Bedbug infestation is on the rise and though treatment costs can run into the thousands, the reputation of your hotel is on the line. If you’ve already experienced bedbug infestations, you know how expensive it is to eradicate them.

Fully encasing mattresses and box springs is the best, most cost effective method to prevent bedbug infestation. bedbug preventionCertified bedbug encasements protect your guests and they protect your investment.

Regularly treat mattresses and frames with bedbug killer. Concentrate on the tufts, folds, and edges of the mattress where bedbugs hide. And don’t forget to spray baseboards, molding, and floorboards—all favorite hiding places.

Already have a problem?

Save your bedding! Encasements are a cost-effective solution when used on already compromised mattresses and box springs because they trap bedbugs and prevent migration to other areas.

Need to dispose of a mattress or box spring?

Use American Hotel Registry brand disposal bags to prevent the spread of bedbugs and keep your property safe and clean during the disposal process.

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