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50/50 blend

50% cotton/50% polyester blend

October 10, 2011

50/50 cotton/polyester blendYou can have the best of both worlds! Use 50/50 blended table linens to get the high quality image of 100% cotton, and save money, too. The 50/50 fabric blend has many advantages over 100% cotton linens:

  • Lower initial costs. Blended linens cost up to 30% less than 100% cotton.
  • Lower laundry costs. Blended linens hold less moisture, so they dry almost twice as fast as cotton.
  • Less equipment cleaning. Blended linens produce half the amount of lint, so there’s less downtime and a smaller impact on the environment.
  • Energy savings. Blended linens need to be pressed at a much lower temperature than cotton, which lowers energy use, saving energy costs.
  • Lower replacement costs. Blended products last 30% to 50% longer than 100% cotton.

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