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Introducing – Dream Water

August 16, 2012

introducing dream water american hotel register company

What if you could offer your guests the gift of sleep?

Whether it’s stress from business travel, unfamiliar sleeping surroundings, or a change in schedule, many guests experience difficulty falling asleep. Why not offer your guests Dream Water® – a natural, zero-calorie, sleep and relaxation aid?

This convenient, TSA-compliant lightly-flavored shot of water features the unique SleepStat Natural Blend: a proprietary formula of GABA, which helps reduce anxiety; Melatonin, which helps induce sleep; and 5-HTP, which helps improve sleep quality. Scientifically formulated and drug free, Dream Water’s key ingredients work together to help guests relax, fall asleep naturally, and wake up refreshed.

With proper placement in hotel gift shops, on night stands, and in mini bars, Dream Water can provide significant incremental revenue. Please contact us for additional information and strategies on how to seamlessly integrate Dream Water into your hotel.

Introducing The Exclusive American Hotel iHome Bluetooth Keyboard

June 11, 2012

Did you know that in 2011, Apple sold over 30 million iPads and 70 million iPhones? And that’s just ONE year! The smartphone business is booming – and chances are that the majority of your guests will have one of these devices.

It’s no secret that the iPhone/iPad/tablet keyboards aren’t ideal for typing emails. iHome has just introduced an American Hotel exclusive solution that will streamline your guests’ work while they are away from the office.

The American Hotel Exclusive Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Speakerphone is the ultimate solution for business travelers. The wireless keyboard allows guests to enjoy the convenience of their tablet without forfeiting the ergonomic ease of a full QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard can connect with any Bluetooth capable device (iPad, iPhone, tablet, Blackberry, Android, etc.).

The keyboard is just the tip of the iceberg. Powerful Reson8 speakers allow guests to wirelessly stream their music from across the room. An MP3 line-in is included to connect to non-Bluetooth capable devices. Two USB ports turn the keyboard into a charging haven. A built-in microphone and speakerphone make video conferences crystal clear. Instructions are printed on the unit itself. A security tether ensures that the keyboard will stay put, and a volume limiter will ensure other guests aren’t disturbed. It is rare to find all of these features in one unit, but American Hotel and iHome have put the total solution together to make your guests’ stay more productive.

It’s time to take advantage of technology and put your hotel above competitors, and this is just one small way to make a big difference. Impressing your guests with the high quality of amenities offered will keep them coming back and referring others.

If your hotel caters to guests who are on business trips, the American Hotel Exclusive Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Speakerphone is a must-have. Every day, more people are making the switch from laptops to the iPad.

American Hotel has an excellent selection of iHomes at competitive prices. Check it out!