How to create the perfect poolside experience

June 14, 2019

As temperatures heat up, you know the pool is the place to be. Equipping your indoor or outdoor pool area with quality towels will ensure that guests have a great experience, whether they’re lying on a lounge chair or drying off after a morning swim.

The power of the Fibertone™ process

It may be tempting to stay away from colored or designed towels because of their tendency to fade, but with ultra-durable Fibertone™ Towels by 1888 Mills®, you don’t have to worry about washed-out fabrics. Fibertone, a patented color technology, is a revolutionary process that produces stable colors that don’t fade or bleed. What’s more, their color holds up to harsh chemicals and sunlight, making them the ideal poolside companion.

Comfort is key

While color-stay power is important, guests truly appreciate a comfortable, absorbent towel post-swim. Fibertone Towels are made from a ring-spun cotton blend, which combines ultimate softness with maximum absorbency and wear, so guests can wrap up in a cozy towel after a long day at the pool.

Choose style and substance

Fibertone Towels come in a range of patterns and colors, from Seafoam Stripe to Sandstone. This way, you can match your pool towels to your décor and create a cohesive setting. They are also available in different dimensions – 24″ x 48″, 24″ x 50″, 24″ x 52″, 24″ x 54″, 30″ x 60″, 30″ x 70″, 35″ x 70″, and 36″ x 70″ – to suit any size need.

A selection of Fibertone Towels are on sale thru June 23, making them good for your guests, and your bottom line. Stock up now and save on these swimming essentials.

Spotlighting a pioneer in amenities

May 23, 2019

For over 35 years, Hunter Amenities has pioneered a remarkable array of superior personal care products, from distinctive hotel amenities to luxurious spa and retail collections.

As one of the world’s leading formulators and amenity producers, Hunter is committed to positively impact the environment through ethical, sustainable sourcing and manufacture. From incorporating recycled materials and water-based inks in production, to using solar panels in facilities and offering take-back programs to strengthen recycling efforts, Hunter’s dedication to sustainability is relentless, as they focus on making our world a better place.

A collection inspired by sustainability

EcoLOGICAL amenities are created from the ground up to be the logical choice for discerning, environmentally conscious guests. Simple and natural, these premium paraben-free formulas will leave them feeling refreshed with a revitalizing scent of crisp cucumber and fresh. The attractive, sustainable packaging is made from distinctive biodegradable plastics and recyclable materials.

Choose from an array of bottled products – shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, and lotion – plus a bar of gentle cleansing soap in two popular guest sizes.

Are you ready to boost your clean?

May 17, 2019

Give your housekeeping staff the power of productivity with the new QUICKBOOST™ Cordless Upright Vacuum from Sanitaire. The QUICKBOOST’s cordless technology combines portable cleaning with powerful suction and innovative features to increase productivity while conquering even tricky and demanding last-minute jobs.

The benefits of going cordless

Cordless vacuums are easy to use which can optimize productivity and help you save on labor costs. Also, by eliminating the typical time-consuming cord and outlet restraints, your facility can actually be made safer with less potential tripping hazards.

Perfect for your property needs

The QUICKBOOST Cordless Upright Vacuum is ideal for those tough jobs, such as elevators and stairs; in and around areas requiring fast, consistent touchups, like bellman or valet stands; as well as efficient, around-the-clock cleaning to meet the rigorous standards of hotels, bars and restaurants.

And this vacuum is loaded with these great features to unleash an exceptional clean:

  • Cord-free technology – offers speed and efficiency
  • Up to 47 minutes of power* – starts powerful and stays powerful for more effective cleaning
  • Recharge time of 2.5 hours – minimal downtime for maximum productivity
  • Lightweight design – at just 12.5 pounds, your staff can grab and go with comfort and ease
  • LED-powered night vision – helps to easily spot dirt and debris in dark areas
  • Multi-surface cleaning capability – reach every square foot in hard surface or carpeted areas
  • LEED-qualified cleaning 24/7 – less than 70 dBA keeps disturbances at a minimum all the time

*Results based on hard surface testing

Shop today and give your housekeeping staff a powerful boost in productivity.

Offer the amenities guests really notice

May 9, 2019

When travelers talk of hotel amenities, they’re often referring to such property accoutrements as an infinity-edge pool, luxurious spa facility, or even exclusive concierge extras. But, as those of us on the service side of hospitality know, one of the most important elements of a pleasant guest stay is the essential amenities of the guest bath.

Yes, there are the all-important bath and body collections – guests definitely arrive with a defined set of expectations. But, consider the items that are only noticed when they are not in place. For example, a tabletop mirror that helps guests get ready for a day of business or an evening of pleasure. If it’s not there, it’s likely that you’ll hear about it.

It’s these types of amenities, or accessories, that our product experts make sure you remember. And, as your trusted guides, we offer suitable options from trusted brands like Sunbeam. In fact, the Sunbeam Lighted Tabletop Mirror  is all about style and convenience. It includes a nine-minute auto off feature, 1x and 3x magnification, and Halo perimeter lighting that provides enhanced visibility. It’s also easy to clean and won’t pit or tarnish.

Of course, Sunbeam also offers top-notch hair dryer options for the guest bath. Its Folding Retractable Handheld Hair Dryer is compact, powerful and retractable. At 1875 watts, it comes with a concentrator and offers three heat and speed settings, a cool-shot button for styling, and a three-year limited warranty.

Then there’s the Sunbeam 1875W Folding Handheld Hair Dryer, which provides styling power with two heat and speed options and a cool-shot button. Its compact design with folding handle includes a convenient six-foot power cord.

To create the best impression, change ironing board covers seasonally

March 18, 2019

Spring is here – have you checked the condition of your guest room ironing board covers and pads? If not, it’s time to add this to your spring and seasonal cleaning checklists.

Since guests use ironing boards for more than just ironing – as an extra table, working or eating space – it’s not surprising to find dirt, spills and food residue on them, in addition to the general wear and tear that comes from being used in a busy hospitality environment. Let’s face it – guests want to look their best, and they don’t want to put their clean clothes on a dirty cover.

We recommend changing ironing board covers every three months or seasonally to provide the most positive guest room experience.

Registry® replacement covers offer value and quality

Look to Registry, our personal brand, for replacement covers and pads to suit your property needs. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, each features:

  • One-piece construction that’s scorch- and stain-resistant
  • Durable fiber padding
  • A smooth, snug fit with choice of drawcord or elastic binding

Shop all Registry replacement covers now and save thru April 1.

Discovering the housekeeping difference

July 3, 2018

You know hotel housekeeping can be quite a challenge. You also know care and consistency around housekeeping is what builds a property’s reputation in the eyes of guests. When housekeeping gets overlooked, hotels typically feel a bottom-line impact. Like any other operational task that’s vital to the everyday success of a business, effective housekeeping demands proper planning and the right equipment.

From maintaining the pristine appearance of guest rooms to making sure pool and exercise areas have an endless supply of towels, every housekeeping team should be guided by a clear strategy. One industry expert emphasizes the importance of ongoing training. “Housekeeping is really all about the basics and really knowing those basics well,” said Rick Takach, CEO and chairman of hotel management company Vesta Hospitality. “As long as your team is very well-trained, that’s your best way to make sure things are running smoothly and you’re getting your rooms done as quick as possible.”

Just as important are the tools of the trade. For more than three decades, Royal Basket Trucks has produced carts, trucks, and containers that support the critical work of housekeeping. Today, Royal Basket offers a full line of products for collecting, sorting, and transporting in a variety of environments.

To experience the difference of Royal Basket, choose from a variety of colors, sizes, and divided sections for optimal organization and increased efficiency. Royal Basket also offers non-marking casters to spare specialty floors from damage. Every cart is built to order, made in Wisconsin, and ships on a short timeline.

Turn to the innovative options of Royal Basket, and give your housekeeping staff the support that goes with every successful strategy.

P&G Pro Line® – the complete carpet care system that delivers amazing results

April 27, 2018

Keep your carpets looking their best with P&G’s complete high-performance Pro Line Carpet Care System. It’s safe and effective and cleans your carpets in three simple steps using only five products – half the number of products that other carpet cleaning systems use. This means you can reduce your operational costs and improve your staff’s efficiency.

The P&G Pro Line Carpet Care System provides…

Powerful Spot Removers to Minimize Re-Work

Whenever soiling occurs, it is important to remove spots, spills, gum or other sticky residue as soon as possible to prevent the spot from becoming a permanent stain. P&G Pro Line offers a selection of specially formulated spot removers that target hard-to-remove stains, like coffee, rust, wine and bodily fluids.

 A Bonnet Cleaner to Minimize the Need for Extraction

This type of carpet cleaning, considered a “lighter” cleaning, employs a rotary carpet shampoo machine and a special carpet cleaning pad. Bonnet clean your carpets weekly or monthly to clean top fiber sections of the carpet. Regular use of P&G Pro Line’s Bonnet/Traffic Lane Cleaner will extend time between extraction cleanings.

 A One-Step Extraction Cleaner & Deodorizer

Extraction cleaning should be done when the carpet looks heavily soiled. In extraction cleaning, hot water and cleaning agents are applied to the carpet pile at high pressure to loosen dirt. Almost simultaneously, the water, dirt and cleaning solution is removed, leaving your carpet clean and fresh. P&G Pro Line’s Extraction Cleaner saves time – it cleans and deodorizes in one step.

Hotel 101: When choosing sheets and towels, go sustainable

April 24, 2018

Sure, a fancy lobby, extensive room service menu and breathtaking views make a great first impression for guests, but what really makes them ooh-and-ahh? We’ll give you a hint, it has everything to do with the sheets and towels. Guests want to feel like they’re sleeping in silk, or washing their face with a cloud, and the best way to do that is to know exactly what to look for when it comes to choosing towels and sheets. Luckily the choice is easy with the environmentally friendly Martex Green Collection from WestPoint Hospitality.

Organic cotton towels

What really matters when you’re buying towels for your property? Well, Martex answers all of those questions for you by focusing on important elements you might not have even considered – like eco-friendly materials and company sustainability.

  • This towel collection is made from all certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. The agricultural product used with the cotton does not involve the use of harmful chemicals and the production reduces pesticides pollution compared to conventional farming techniques.
  • It focuses on eco-friendly materials by using recycled plastic bottles and strips of labels and caps, which are crushed, cleaned and turned into fibers.
  • The unique Dryfast® technology of Martex’s towels reduces drying by up to 30%, which lowers cost and increases hotel efficiency.

Woven fiber sheets

Nobody likes a scratchy sheet; however, that doesn’t mean you need to blow your housekeeping budget by purchasing a high thread count sheet set. Instead, focus on better materials – like organic, recycled cotton, which produces a softer sheet without a higher price tag.

  • The weave of the Martex Green sheet, according to Real Simple, affects exactly how it will feel to your guests. Its fibers are woven from recycled bottles, which results in a softer product and helps reduce over 71,666 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • A high thread count doesn’t necessarily mean a high-end sheet. Many suppliers weave lower quality thread into a higher count, sort of defeating the process. As a general rule, buy above a 200-thread count sheet. However, anything above 800 often doesn’t make a difference.
  • The production of Martex’s high quality sheets is entirely sustainable. The cotton is used with limited to no pesticide pollution, which equates to a more natural product and a healthier farmer. Plus, the recycled polyester makes up to 52% of all fiber used in textiles and reduces energy use by 84%, plus limits greenhouse gases by over 70%.

So, when you’re ready to reorder sheets and towels, consider a collection that blends softness and sustainability. For your guests, consider the comfort of Martex Green.

Extras that guests now expect

March 22, 2018

When it comes to booking a room at a hotel, there are a few standard and very simple things guests look for in the room description and the user reviews. Cleanliness of the room, a comfortable bed, access to the internet, a TV (with cable) in the room and bathroom amenities rank as the most important. However, those are basics that virtually every place offers. What really sets your hotel apart from every other property out there?

To increase revenue and out-sell your competitors, let’s take a closer look at the items your guests are actually looking for – and what you can add to the offering.

Free WiFi

Wireless internet alone isn’t cutting it anymore, especially for guests who are frequently traveling for business. When guests are on the go, they want to stay connected without having to pay an additional fee.

Beyond just free, though, many business travelers also expect internet that’s both reliable and quick. According to hotel owner and CEO Rupesh Patel, who recently polled guests among his many properties, slow internet was one of the biggest complaints for guests and not just for executives but millennials, too. A study done by found that over 57% of hotel guests in the 20 – 30 age range try to stream or connect their personal devices to hotel TVs using the included Wi-Fi.


Lighting is everything in a hotel room, especially if many of the rooms aren’t blessed with seemingly endless natural light. According to Conde Nast Traveler, bad lighting is often one of the biggest complaints for guests. Whether it’s dim lighting in the bathroom or yellow-hued fluorescent lights in the bedroom, guests crave lights that both flatter and accent the space. To mimic natural light, consider daylight or soft white bulbs, which create a warm and cozy vibe that’s still highly effective.

Seamless check in/out

Your hotel could have the most beautiful lobby, endless amenities and a breathtaking view, but a negative check in/out encounter can be what makes or breaks a guests’ overall experience. Today, many hotels are elevating their check in/out by offering self-service pods or DIY apps, which take the human interaction completely out of it. For some, the ease of going directly to your room without having to stop for a key or to give you credit card information again is a major selling point.

However, some guests, mainly baby boomers and up, still prefer that human touch. So, for these guests, they look for a lobby that’s clearly mapped out (with signs to the registration), friendly staff and a painless process (no repetitive forms to fill out or long lines).


A focus on the environment and sustainability should be top of mind for all hotels, but especially for those looking to break the millennial market.

“Millennials are twice as likely to support brands with strong management of environmental and social issues and expect brands to not only manage their impact but communicate it,” said Diana Verde Nieto, CEO of Positive Luxury, to SCMP.

For many properties, that means preserving the lifestyle and the culture of the destination it’s in – whether that means offering farm-to-table, local cuisine in their restaurant or offering furniture that’s been handmade by a local artisan. Sustainability also means a focus on the environment, so using linens made from recycled fabrics, LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances (like coffee makers and mini-fridges) and refillable bathroom fixtures also make a large impact for this massive consumer base.


Nothing dirties the perception of your property quicker than a stale, stinky smell, and this will immediately affect how that guest views the cleanliness and comfort of your hotel. As bad as a dirty scent is, an overly fragrant, perfume-y aroma can be just as detrimental. You want the hotel to have a smell that’s fresh, pleasant and clean, and doesn’t deter the guest from wanting to stay. To avoid a stale scent from carpeting, rugs or linens, invest in fresh scent odor removers or air fresheners.

Competitive food & beverage offerings

Hotel restaurants are no longer the last resort for tired guests. For many properties, their restaurants hold as much acclaim or more than the actual property, thanks to an award-winning chef or highly regarded cuisine. For many guests, they want food that speaks to the destination they’re in, or that competes against the fare served at neighboring brick and mortars. Beyond just fancy restaurant food, guests want quick room service options that go above and beyond the standard burger and fries (think vegetarian options or more seasonal cuisine), plus an ease of ordering. For some properties, that means ordering directly from the TV or their phones. Even for budget properties, an included continental breakfast or proximity to a diner or breakfast space will make all the difference for hungry guests.

Connectivity & power

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to rearrange the heavy wooden desk, the clunky bedside table or even the bed just to charge your phone. However, many hotel rooms don’t have ample electrical outlets, which make it hard for guests to charge their devices. Not all chargers are created equal, though.

According to a study done by the American Hotel and Lodging Association, usage of smartphone docking stations fell to just 19% last year, primarily because they don’t adapt to newer technology. In addition, most guests bring their own chargers. However, nightstands with USB chargers, charge pods or outlets as well as dual-purpose alarm clocks are still popular, and help keep all of the guest’s electronics charged at once.

So, let’s go back to where we started: What really sets your hotel apart from every other property out there? Put some of these ideas into action and be sure to measure the results.

Our 2018 Expo draws record number of attendees

March 2, 2018
2018 Expo

Once again, we took our annual Global Hospitality Expo to sunny Orlando. And, once again, we exceeded expectations for a can’t-miss industry event that continues to raise the bar.

More than 300 customers and 130 suppliers joined our leaders and associates for the 2018 Global Hospitality Expo at the beautiful Loews Royal Pacific Resort. This amounted to more than 1,000 total attendees, a new Expo record. This year’s Expo theme – Just Imagine – set the stage for a week of transformational presentations and conversations, as well as a lot of networking fun.

In celebrating the warmth of Florida, this #globalexpo2018 kicked off with a Super Bowl Sunday Party at a large and lively sports bar in Universal CityWalk. For many early arrivals, the following day meant teeing up and teaming up at the second annual American Hotel Golf Classic.

The more official Expo launch came on Tuesday, at a General Session Welcome where our senior leaders outlined the latest American Hotel initiatives and improvements – from data analytics to global expansion and our plans for a digital transformation. We also introduced Accentuate, a new service where we can personalize a variety of products for customer properties. At every turn in this dynamic presentation, the emphasis was on the importance of responding to growing customer needs.

At the General Session, we also formally announced our partnership Soap Aid, an Australia-based nonprofit that recycles and redistributes hotel soap to save lives and our environment. Soap Aid’s Michael Matulick took the stage to articulate the organization’s mission and the way American Hotel can help expand its efforts to the U.S. Keynote speaker Brian Solis closed out our General Session with an engaging exploration of today’s social media culture.

On Wednesday and Thursday, our Expo highlights included:

  • VIP breakout sessions where strategies were strengthened
  • Rotating supplier presentations that delved into detail
  • Customer Hot Topic sessions where priorities were shared
  • Exclusive customer trade show that demonstrated solutions
  • Associate trade show that connected people and products

There were also marvelous Expo dinners, including an authentic Hawaiian luau, complete with fire dancing, and a special Expo Block Party at Universal CityWalk. On Wednesday, our special Casino Night went all in as a fundraiser for Soap Aid. During Expo we raised more than $35k for its amazing mission. And, of course, on Thursday the 2018 Expo Awards Dinner saluted our Heroes of Hospitality.

While snowy weather in the Midwest ended this Expo a bit early, it’s safe to say it was a smashing success. Like those that came before it, our 2018 Expo epitomized the Leahy family values of family, friendship, caring, hard work and integrity. It is a tradition that sets us apart and embodies our commitment to improving all that we do for our customers, our suppliers, and our associates.